Cryptophagus spp.

Ferro, Michael L., Gimmel, Matthew L., Harms, Kyle E. & Carlton, Christopher E., 2012, Comparison of Coleoptera emergent from various decay classes of downed coarse woody debris in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, USA, Insecta Mundi 2012 (260), pp. 1-8: 23

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Cryptophagus spp.


Cryptophagus spp.   ( Fig. 24 View Figures 21–26 )

Comments. Between 30 and 40 species are reported from North America. The key provided by Woodroffe and Coombs (1961) is based on limited specimens and may not be reliable. Range: throughout North America. Habitat: leaf litter, rotting wood, mammal nests, with social insects, fungal fruiting bodies. Collection Method: emergence, sifting/Berlese. Biology: feed on fungal spores and hyphae. Present Study: significantly higher abundance in FWD1 and CWD2. References: Blatchley 1910; Woodroffe and Coombs 1961; Bousquet 1989, 1990; Downie and Arnett 1996 (usefulness of keys unknown); Leschen 1996; Peck and Thomas 1998; Leschen and Skelley 2002; Majka and Langor 2010; Majka et al. 2011.