Jaxea Nardo, 1847

Ngoc-Ho, Nguyen, 2003, European and Mediterranean Thalassinidea (Crustacea, Decapoda), Zoosystema 25 (3), pp. 439-555: 501

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Jaxea Nardo, 1847


Genus Jaxea Nardo, 1847  

TYPE SPECIES. — Jaxea nocturna Nardo, 1847   , by original designation.

DIAGNOSIS. — Thalassinids with firm, white exoskeleton; linea thalassinica straight anteroposteriorly, distinct and well developed. Abdominal segments approximately of same length, abdominal pleura 2-6 with minute serrations. Telson longer than wide, longitudinal dorsal ridges present, posterior border convex, median spine absent.

Eye small, corneas with reduced pigmentation. Both A1 and A2 peduncle slender and greatly elongated; antennal scale moderately large. Mx2 scaphognathite with several long posterior setae. Mxp1 with large endopod, and large epipod; Mxp3 pediform with mesial spinous crest on ischium. P1 chelate, equal, greatly developed; P2-5 slender, simple.

Exopod on Mxp1-3; epipod on Mxp1-3 and P1-4; single podobranch on Mxp2-3 and P1-3; single arthrobranch on Mxp1, paired arthrobranch on Mxp2-3 and P1-4.

Plp1 absent in male, uniramous in female; male and female Plp2-5 slender, biramous. Uropod with suture on both rami.

Characteristic larvae with large eyes, long neck and slender body were named Trachelifer by Brook (1888).