Scolytoplatypus samsinghensis Maiti & Saha

Liao 1, Song, Lai *, Shengchang, Beaver, Roger A., Gebhardt, Heiko & Wang, Jianguo, 2022, New species and new records of Scolytoplatypus Schaufuss (Curculionidae, Scolytinae) from China, and resurrection of Scolytoplatypus sinensis (Tsai & Huang, 1965) as a distinct species, ZooKeys 1082, pp. 27-50 : 27

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Scolytoplatypus samsinghensis Maiti & Saha


Scolytoplatypus samsinghensis Maiti & Saha

Scolytoplatypus samsinghensis Maiti & Saha, 2009: 101, fig. 20.

Material examined.

China: Yunnan, Xishuangbanna, Mengle, Bubeng , 21.615N, 101.579E, 853 m, FIT, 5.v.2018, BB800-1FI, L.Z. Meng (3m RAB); as previous except: 21,611N, 101.581E, 712 m, 15.v.2018. BB600-2FI (3f RAB) GoogleMaps .


India (West Bengal). New to China (Yunnan).


The species is very close to S. eutomoides Blandford, but differs from it on the basis of the following characters of the males ( S. samsinghensis given first): 1. striae 1 and 2 marked up to the lower half of declivity, little elevation at interstriae 1 and 3, on or near the elevation with fairly large granules vs. striae 1 and 2 marked up to upper half of declivity and lower half with smaller granules; 2. punctures on pronotum rather deep vs. punctures on pronotum, rather shallow; 3. strial groove marked by elongate and confluent punctures vs. strial groove devoid of any distinct punctures; 4. frontal hairs restricted only towards vertex vs. upper half of frons with hairs ( Maiti and Saha 2009).


Not known.