Antonina pretiosa Ferris, 1953

Gavrilov-Zimin, Ilya A., 2016, Cytogenetic and taxonomic studies of some legless mealybugs (Homoptera, Coccinea, Pseudococcidae), CompCytogen 4, pp. 587-601: 591

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Antonina pretiosa Ferris, 1953


Taxon classification Animalia Hemiptera Pseudococcidae

Antonina pretiosa Ferris, 1953  


K 881, Indonesia, New Guinea (Irian Jaya), vicinity of Jayapura city, slopes of Cyclop mountains above Entrop, under the leaf sheathes of bamboo, 1.XI. 2011, Ilya Gavrilov-Zimin.

Cytogenetic data.

Nur et al. (1987) studied this species in California (USA) and reported 2n = 24+Bs and sexual reproduction (i.e. with heterochromatinization). Our study of gravid females from New Guinea highlighted 24 chromosomes in embryonic cells (Fig. 1d) and Lecanoid heterochromatinization in the male embryos.