Omalium meximontanum Thayer, 2003,

Pérez-Hernández, Cisteil Xinum, 2017, An annotated catalogue of the Coleoptera types deposited in the National Insect Collection (CNIN) of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, Zootaxa 4288 (1), pp. 1-128: 110

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Omalium meximontanum Thayer, 2003


- Omalium meximontanum Thayer, 2003 

Paratype: 1 ♀. MEXICO  : Jalisco, San Gabriel, Nevado de Colima, N Slope, near Las Viboras microwave station, 2900 m, 19°37.26' N, 103°36.88' W, 08–22/IX/1999. Col. A. Newton y M. Thayer, flight intercept trap; FMHD #99-366, 1022, Abies  - Quercus  - Pinus Forest. Field  Museum Nat. Hist.

Conservation status: Complete, well-preserved.

Paratypes: 1 ♂, 2 ♀. MEXICO  : Oaxaca, 16mi N Ixtlán de J., 9400', 23–29/VII/1971. Col. A. Newton, human dung trap 315; oak-fir forest. 

Conservation status: Complete, well-preserved.