Myonera sp. (NHM_186)

Wiklund, Helena, Taylor, John D., Dahlgren, Thomas G., Todt, Christiane, Ikebe, Chiho, Rabone, Muriel & Glover, Adrian G., 2017, Abyssal fauna of the UK- 1 polymetallic nodule exploration area, Clarion-Clipperton Zone, central Pacific Ocean: Mollusca, ZooKeys 707, pp. 1-46: 3

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Myonera sp. (NHM_186)


Myonera sp. (NHM_186)  

Materials examined.

NHM_186 NHMUK 20170037, collected 2013-10-13, 13.93482 -116.55018, 4082 m.


Shell thin, translucent, sub-ovate tapering posteriorly. Postero-dorsal margin straight. Rostrum short, demarcated by single, carinate radial rib. Sculpture of a few strong, widely spaced, commarginal lamellae, reduced on rostrum. Shell surface minutely pustulose (Fig. 2). Maximum length 1.5 mm, maximum height 1 mm.

Genetic data.

GenBank NHM_186 18S-MF157481, COI-MF157508.


The species resembles the supposedly cosmopolitan form Myonera alleni   Poutiers & Bernard, 1995, previously as Myonera atlantica   (Allen & Morgan, 1981). However, the type locality for this species is from the deep north Atlantic and no genetic data are available for comparison. No similar species is recorded from deep water of the eastern Pacific. Forms a unique monophyletic clade with two other cuspidariid species distinct from all other AB01 specimens (Fig. 5). No genetic matches on GenBank.


Found in polymetallic nodule province.