Cryphalus Erichson, 1836,

Johnson, Andrew J., Li, You, Mandelshtam, Michail Yu., Park, Sangwook, Lin, Ching-Shan, Gao, Lei & Hulcr, Jiri, 2020, East Asian Cryphalus Erichson (Curculionidae, Scolytinae): new species, new synonymy and redescriptions of species, ZooKeys 995, pp. 15-66: 15

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Cryphalus Erichson, 1836


Cryphalus Erichson, 1836 


Eye deeply emarginated; antennal club flat with three sutures marked by setae; third tarsal segment emarginated; the hypomeron with bifurcating setae (rare exceptions); proventriculus with large flat apical plates, tight median suture, often with sutural teeth, and distinct apical teeth, moustache-like, in multiple transverse layers; aedeagus with paired tegminal apodemes (few exceptions) ( Johnson et al. 2020). Spiculum gastrale a simple, curved rod.