Stratiodrilus platensis Cordero, 1927,

Rosa, Jheimison Junior Da Silva, Marçal, Ingrid Costa, Teixeira, Gustavo Monteiro & Aguiar, Aline, 2018, Checklist of species of Stratiodrilus Haswell, 1900 (Annelida: Histriobdellidae), and new host records from Southern Brazil, Zootaxa 4399 (3), pp. 412-422: 418

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Stratiodrilus platensis Cordero, 1927


Stratiodrilus platensis Cordero, 1927 

Type-locality: Probably Solís Chico and Miguelete streams, Departamento de Canelones, Uruguay. 

Host and locality records: Aegla laevis (Latreille)  —Solís Chico and Miguelete streams (CNL) ( Cordero 1927). Samastacus spinifrons (Philippi)  —Chile (locality not provided) (Rudolph 2002). Aegla  sp.—Lakes of Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapí (ARG) ( Dioni 1972). Parastacus  sp.—Lakes of Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapí (ARG) ( Dioni 1972). Trichodactylus  sp.—Creeks near Cananéia (SP), Southeast Brazil (Steiner & Amaral 1999).

Distribution: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Uruguay.