Fornicia Brulle,

Gupta, Ankita & Fernández-Triana, José L., 2014, Diversity, host association, and cocoon variability of reared Indian Microgastrinae (Hymenoptera: Braconidae), Zootaxa 3800 (1), pp. 1-101: 9-10

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Fornicia Brulle


Genus Fornicia Brulle  ( Figures 64View FIGURES 57 – 64. 57, 145View FIGURE 145)

Rearing Data:  The genus Fornicia  is pantropical and is prevalent in southern parts of India. Only two species are known from India. Fornicia andamanensis Sharma  from Andaman Islands, and Fornicia ceylonica Wilkinson  ( Fig. 145View FIGURE 145) from Indian mainland. One species, F. ceylonica  with 26 specimens was reared from southern India.

Life History Comments: It has been reported from Tamil Nadu, Kerala and from Karnataka where Fornicia ceylonica Wilkinson  , a solitary parasitoid, was found parasitizing larvae of Spatulifimbria castaneiceps Hampson  ( Lepidoptera  : Limacodidae  ) on castor ( Fig. 64View FIGURES 57 – 64. 57).