Homalium microphyllum O. Hoffm., Sert. Pl. Madagasc.

Applequist, Wendy L., 2018, A revision of the Malagasy species of Homalium sect. Blackwellia (Salicaceae), Candollea 73 (2), pp. 221-244 : 242

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https://doi.org/ 10.15553/c2018v732a7



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Homalium microphyllum O. Hoffm., Sert. Pl. Madagasc.


Homalium microphyllum O. Hoffm., Sert. Pl. Madagasc. View in CoL : 18. 1881.

This species was described from a single collection (Hildebrandt 3329 from Vavatobé [probably = Ambavatoby, Antsiranana]), which has many duplicates; no similar material has been collected since. Though the collected material seems to be well into flower, the sepals and petals are small and often spreading, apparently scarcely accrescent, and the ovary is not strongly conical. In these characters, it resembles the species transferred to Homalium sect. Odontolobus . However, it also has characters more consistent with Homalium sect. Blackwellia sensu stricto; it appears that there is usually only one bract per flower, the calyx tube is cylindrical and well-developed, the upper surface of the ovary is not particularly broad, and the styles are much longer than in most species of Homalium sect. Odontolobus . It is suggested that the collected individual was an intersectional hybrid that is not known to persist and does not merit taxonomic recognition.

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