Pterostichus (Morphnosoma) melanarius Illiger, 1798

Della Rocca, Francesca, Stefanelli, Silvia, Cardarelli, Elisa, Bogliani, Giuseppe & Bracco, Francesco, 2021, Contribution to the knowledge of the arthropods community inhabiting the winter-flooded meadows (marcite) of northern Italy, Biodiversity Data Journal 9, pp. 57889-57889: 57889

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Pterostichus (Morphnosoma) melanarius Illiger, 1798


Pterostichus (Morphnosoma) melanarius Illiger, 1798  


Eurosiberian species, introduced ino North America ( Hůrka 1996). It can be found in mainland Italy ( Vigna Taglianti 2005).


Brachypterous, rarely macropterous. It is a very eurytopic species of fields, meadows, gardens, as well as forests; from lowlands to mountains ( Hůrka 1996).