Cecidopsyllinae Li, 2011

Burckhardt, Daniel, Ouvrard, David & Percy, Diana M., 2021, An updated classification of the jumping plant-lice (Hemiptera: Psylloidea) integrating molecular and morphological evidence, European Journal of Taxonomy 736, pp. 137-182: 143

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Cecidopsyllinae Li, 2011


Subfamily Cecidopsyllinae Li, 2011   stat. rev. et nov.


The monotypic Cecidopsyllinae   was diagnosed by Li (2011); for diagnoses of Cecidopsylla   see also Burckhardt (1991b) and Yang et al. (2009). In the study of Cho et al. (2019), Cecidopsylla   forms the sister taxon to all other psyllids, except for Pseudophacopteron (Phacopteroninae)   . For this reason, we transfer it to Aphalaridae   and remove Cecidopsyllinae   from synonymy with Mastigimatinae ( Burckhardt & Ouvrard 2012)   . Within the Mastigimatinae   as defined by Burckhardt et al. (2018b), Cecidopsylla   resembles Synpsylla   in the shape of the head, antennae and forewings but there are no detailed synapomorphies suggesting that the two are phylogenetically close. Awaiting new evidence, we leave the latter in the Mastigimatidae   (see discussion there).

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Cecidopsylla Kieffer, 1905   .