Calophyidae Vondráček, 1957, Vondracek, 1957

Burckhardt, Daniel, Ouvrard, David & Percy, Diana M., 2021, An updated classification of the jumping plant-lice (Hemiptera: Psylloidea) integrating molecular and morphological evidence, European Journal of Taxonomy 736, pp. 137-182: 147

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Calophyidae Vondráček, 1957


Family * Calophyidae Vondráček, 1957  


Burckhardt & Ouvrard (2012) admitted the artificial nature of their Calophyidae   comprising five subfamilies. Two of these, Calophyinae   and Mastigimatinae   were included in the molecular analyses of Percy et al. (2018) and Cho et al. (2019), which both confirmed nonmonophyly of Calophyidae   . The Mastigimatinae   is removed here from Calophyidae   and raised to family status. The other four subfamilies lack all metabasitarsal spurs. In addition, Atmetocraniinae Becker-Migdisova, 1973   , Calophyinae   and Metapsyllinae Kwon, 1983   bear an internal comb of apical metatibial spurs suggesting they may be closely related. Atmetocraniinae   and Calophyinae   share also the one-segmented asymmetric antennal flagellum in immatures ( Burckhardt& Mifsud 2003; Burckhardt & Ouvrard 2012). With this, admittedly weak, evidence we keep the four subfamilies in the Calophyidae   awaiting evidence to the contrary.