Homotominae Heslop-Harrison, 1958

Burckhardt, Daniel, Ouvrard, David & Percy, Diana M., 2021, An updated classification of the jumping plant-lice (Hemiptera: Psylloidea) integrating molecular and morphological evidence, European Journal of Taxonomy 736, pp. 137-182: 149

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Homotominae Heslop-Harrison, 1958


Subfamily * Homotominae Heslop-Harrison, 1958   , stat. rev.


The subfamily and its constituent tribes and subtribes were diagnosed by Hollis & Broomfield (1989) (treated as family, subfamilies and tribes) who also analysed the generic relationships of the family using morphological evidence; the three subfamilies (here tribes) were represented in a trifurcation in their cladogram. The molecular analyses, in which only three genera were included, reflect this morphological tree but sampled only two subfamilies (here tribes). Following Ouvrard (2002), the classification of Burckhardt & Ouvrard (2012) differs from that of Hollis & Broomfield (1989) in the inclusion of Phytolyma Scott, 1882   in the Macrohomotominae White & Hodkinson, 1985   (Phytolymini) rather than in the Aphalarinae   . The classification presented here reflects that of Burckhardt & Ouvrard (2012) though with reduced ranks.