Anochetus pattersoni Fisher,

Fisher, B. L. & Smith, M. A., 2008, A revision of Malagasy species of Anochetus Mayr and Odontomachus Latreille (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)., PLoS ONE 3, pp. 1-23: 13

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Anochetus pattersoni Fisher

sp. nov.

Anochetus pattersoni Fisher  ZBK  HNS  sp. nov.

Figures: worker 7a-d; queen 7e,f; male 7g,h, 8d

Type Material: Holotype: worker, Seychelles Aldabra Group, Picard Island , in old "Settlement" 09°23'34"S 046°12'14"E 5 m, mostly Casuarina with coco palms, exotic vegetation, found after dark on concrete slab in abandoned settlement 19-Dec-05 (coll. S.M.Goodman) collection code: SMG14998View Materials CASENT0068352 1w ( CASC)GoogleMapsCASCCASC1GB1  . CO1 barcode from same collection as holotype and labeled CASENT0068352-D01GoogleMapsCASCCASC1GB1 

Worker measurements: maximum and minimum based on all specimens, n = 8, (holotype): HL 1.32-1.40 (1.40), HW 1.25- 1.31 (1.31), CI 93-95 (94), EL 0.20-0.26 (0.23), ML 0.67-0.72 (0.72), MI 50-51 (51), SL 1.07-1.15 (1.15) SI 85-88 (88), WL 1.62-1.79 (1.78), FL 1.11-1.20 (1.19), PW 0.70-0.76 (0.74).

Queen measurements: maximum and minimum based on n= 1. HL 1.31, HW 1.29, CI 99, EL 0.30, ML 0.64, MI 49, SL 1.05, SI 81, WL 1.81, FL 1.15, PW 0.79.

Male measurements: maximum and minimum based on n = 2 from Madagascar: HL 0.86-0.87, HW 1.07-1.10, CI 124- 126, EL 0.65-0.67, SL 0.18, SI 17, WL 1.72-1.77, FL 1.21-1.26

Worker Diagnosis: Dorsal margin of petiole node concave medially (not visible in figures of the workers but easily seen in the queen in Figure 7f.) Anterior portion of pronotal dorsum lightly sculptured compared to posterior portion of pronotum. Propodeal dorsum and angle transversely coarsely rugose, declivitous face below angle with transverse striae, with sculpture thinning near base of face; propodeum angulate in lateral view. Petiole scale broad; anterior half of first gastral tergum smooth and shiny with only fine punctures at base of setae. This species is most similar to the graeffei a widespread species across the Indo-Pacific, but differs from the latter by the pattern of sculpture on the mesosomal dorsum, shape the petiole (concave), broader petiole node as seen in lateral view, and its much larger size (HL+ ML 1.99-2.12 mm in pattersoni  HNS  ,HL+ML<1.75 mm in graeffei).

Distribution and biology. This species is limited to the Aldabra group islands with most collections from Isle Picard. References and records to Anochetus madagascarensis  HNS  [e.g. Forel 25:159] most likely refer to this species. No other species of Anochetus  HNS  have been recorded from the Seychelles. Males have been collected in Malaise traps, and a queen with clear wing scares.

Diagnostic barcoding loci: A. pattersoni  HNS  : G-183, G-264, A- 399, A-489, A-505, A-552.

Additional material examined for Anochetus pattersoni  HNS  : In addition to the type material, specimens from the following localities were examined in this study. Seychelles: Aldabra Group: South Island ( Grand Terre ), Dune Patates 5- Jun-74 (Coll: V. Spaull) CASENT0102280 3w ( BMNH)CASC  ; Isle Picard 12-25 Mar-85 (Col: P.Mundel) CASENT0103343 1dQCASC  CASENT0103344 1w ( CASC), MCZ.3680w 1w ( MCZC)CASC  ; Ile Picard Settlement , 11  ; ( ANIC32 -015992) 1-Nov-68 (coll: W.F.Humphreys) CASENT0172374 1w ( ANIC)CASC  ; Ile Polymnie , Anse Cedres , 155  ; ( ANIC32 -015991) 1-Nov-68 (coll: W.F.Humphreys) CASENT0172375 1w ( ANIC)CASC  ; Cosmoledo , Menai 17- Dec-05 (col: J.Gerlach) CASENT0172609 1w ( LACM)GoogleMapsCASC  ; Grande Terre, Aldabra 15-Dec-05GoogleMapsCASC  ; (coll: J.Gerlach) CASENT0172610 1w ( LACM)CASC  ; Aldabra Islands, Picard 22-29 Sep-05 ex malaise trap 6 m (coll: K.Mach & O.Maurel) CASENT0172611 1 m (LACm)GoogleMapsCASCCASC1GB1  ; Aldabra Islands, Picard 22-26 May-05 (coll: K.Mach & O.Maurel) CASENT0172617 1 m ( LACM)GoogleMapsCASCCASC1GB1  .


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