Gastraspis Lin, 1988

Noort, Simon van, Buffington, Matthew L. & Forshage, Mattias, 2015, Afrotropical Cynipoidea (Hymenoptera), ZooKeys 493, pp. 1-176 : 98-99

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Gastraspis Lin, 1988


Taxon classification Animalia Hymenoptera Figitidae

Gastraspis Lin, 1988


Rare. Possibly congeneric with Ganaspis .


Small Ganaspis -type eucoilines most easily characterised by the elongate female metasoma. These specimens also show the following characteristics: short coxal hair tuft; a rather large, flat scutellar plate and relatively large scutellar foveae; metapleural margin with an elongate excision; wing with a very slightly emarginate apex and an elongate marginal cell. Associated males are very difficult to discern within the range of variation present in Ganaspis .


Described from Taiwan, but here reported also from Africa. Afrotropical records: Central African Republic, Kenya (here).


Hosts unknown.

Species richness.

Undescribed species in the region.