Aleiodes subson, Quicke & Butcher, 2012

Butcher, Buntika Areekul, Smith, M. Alex, Sharkey, Mike J. & Quicke, Donald L. J., 2012, A turbo-taxonomic study of Thai Aleiodes (Aleiodes) and Aleiodes (Arcaleiodes) (Hymenoptera: Braconidae: Rogadinae) based largely on COI barcoded specimens, with rapid descriptions of 179 new species, Zootaxa 3457, pp. 1-232 : 205-206

publication ID 10.11646/ZOOTAXA.3457.1.1

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Aleiodes subson

sp. nov.

Aleiodes subson sp. nov.

( Fig. 171)

Holotype ♀, Thailand, Karnchanaburi , Khuean Srinigarindra NP, Huay Mae Kamint /tourist centre, 28.iii.2008, 14° 29.972' N, 98° 53.035' E, 210m, Sornboon & Daorueng (voucher BCLDQ01645, Genbank JN278371 View Materials ) ( QSBG). GoogleMaps

Paratypes: 1 ♀, Phetchabun Province, Khao Khao NP, 12.i.2007, 16° 39.587’ N, 101° 08.134’ E, 220m, S Chachumnan (voucher BCLDQ01056, Genbank JQ388374 View Materials ) ( QSBG) GoogleMaps ; 1 ♂, Thailand, Loei Province, Phu Kradueng NP, mixed deciduous forest, north of Na Noi , 16.i.2007, 16° 53.443’ N, 101° 46.946’ E, 1247m, T Srisa-ad (voucher BCLDQ00270, Genbank JQ388436 View Materials ) ( QSBG) GoogleMaps ; 1 ♀, Thailand, Chiang Mai Province, Hua Hong Krai , 19.iii.08, Malaise trap, B. Butcher (voucher BB0001, Genbank HQ551240 View Materials ) ( CUMZ) ; 1 ♀, Thailand, Phetchabun Province, Khao Kho National Park , mixed deciduous forest, 26.ii.2007, 16° 39.550’ N, 101° 08.123’ E, 230m, Chacumnan & Saink Singtong (voucher BCLDQ00227, Genbank JF963444 View Materials ) ( BMNH) GoogleMaps ; 1 ♀, Thailand, Phetchabun Province, Khao Kho National Park , mixed deciduous forest, 26.i.2007, 16° 39.572’ N, 101° 08.194’ E, 168m, Chacumnan &, (voucher BCLDQ00253, Genbank JQ388457 View Materials ) ( HIC) GoogleMaps ; 1 sex unknown, Thailand, Phetchabun Province, Khao Kho NP, mixed deciduous forest, 2.vii.2007, 16° 32.546' N, 101° 02.501' E, 560m, Somchai Chachumnan & Saink Singlang, (voucher BCLDQ01498; no sequence data) ( BMNH) GoogleMaps .

Body length 5.8 mm, fore wing length 4.8 mm and antenna length 7.2 mm.

Antenna with 50–52 flagellomeres. Median flagellomeres 15 x longer laterally than wide, rather oblique. Occipital carina variable, more or less complete in some individuals but distinctly obliterated narrowly medially or confused among surrounding sculpture in others, ventrally joining hypostomal carina. Mesopleuron entirely rugose on aciculate background, precoxal sulcus deep and more coarsely sculptured, speculum area largely with shiny aciculate sculpure, with only a small completely smooth area posteroventrally. Propodeum with midlongitudinal carina complete though irregular medially. Fore wing vein 2-CU1 1.9 x 1-CU1. Apex of fore wing subbasal cell evenly setose. Fore wing vein 3-SR 1.35 x vein r. Fore wing vein 2-SR+M 1.15 x vein r. Fore wing vein SR1 2.6 x vein 3-SR. Hind wing vein M+CU 1.4 x 1-M. Hind wing subbasal cell evenly setose. Hind wing vein m-cu welldeveloped, long straight, dark pigmented, interstitial to slightly antefurcal. Apex of hind tibia without comb of modified setae medially. Claws strongly pectenate with 12 or more strong, diverging teeth running from base of basal lobe to base of claw proper. Basal lobes of 1 st tergite small, protuding to approximately same lvel as spiracle, rounded. Midlongitudinal carina of 3 rd tergite absent.

Females: coloration of mesosoma variable, ranging from entirely black (except pale mark on pronotum) to entirely yellow-red, though typically black anteriorly and red postioriorly. Males: body entirely yellow, antenna brown yellow on basal 2/3 become black towards apex.

Etymology. ‘Subson’ is the Thai word for ‘confusing’ in reference to the apparent sexual colour dimorphism.

Notes. Keyed out twice because of the rather variable condition of the occipital carina. The following two paratypes differ at one base (#1830 A not G): vouchers BCLDQ00253 and BCLDQ01645.


Cameroon University, Museum of Zoology


Hymenoptera Institute Collection, University of Kentucky