Aleiodes turgidipalpus, Quicke & Butcher, 2012

Butcher, Buntika Areekul, Smith, M. Alex, Sharkey, Mike J. & Quicke, Donald L. J., 2012, A turbo-taxonomic study of Thai Aleiodes (Aleiodes) and Aleiodes (Arcaleiodes) (Hymenoptera: Braconidae: Rogadinae) based largely on COI barcoded specimens, with rapid descriptions of 179 new species, Zootaxa 3457, pp. 1-232 : 218

publication ID 10.11646/ZOOTAXA.3457.1.1

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Aleiodes turgidipalpus

sp. nov.

Aleiodes turgidipalpus sp. nov.

( Fig. 183)

Holotype ♀, Thailand, Sakon Nakhon, Phu Phan NP, North of well, 11.i.2007, 17° 3.543’ N, 103° 58.452’ E, 312m, S Tongboonchai, (voucher BCLDQ00141, Genbank JQ388351 View Materials ) ( QSBG). GoogleMaps

Paratypes: 1 ♀, Thailand, Nakhon Nayok Province, Khao Yai NP, secondary dry evergreen forest, 14° 25.762’ N, 101° 23.527’ E, 732m, 02.ix.2006, P Sandao, (voucher BCLDQ00255, Genbank JQ388455 View Materials ) ( QSBG) GoogleMaps ; 1 ♂, Thailand, Phetchabun Province, Khao Kho NP, Mixed deciduous forest, 18.xii2002, 16° 32.539’ N, 101° 02.483’ E, 524m, Somchai Chachumnan & Saink Singtong (voucher BCLDQ00741, Genbank JQ388408 View Materials ) ( QSBG) GoogleMaps ; 1 ♀, Thailand, Phetchabun Province, Khao Khao NP, 12.i.2007, 16 39.572 N, 101 08.194 E, 171m, S Chachumnan, (vouchers BCLDQ01061, Genbank JQ388370 View Materials and BCLDQ01062, Genbank JQ388369 View Materials ) ( QSBG) GoogleMaps ; 2 ♀, Thailand, Phetchabun Province, Khao Kho NP, mixed deciduous woodland, 26.i.2007, 16° 39.572’ N, 101° 08.194’ E, 168m, Chacumnan & (voucher BCLDQ00152, Genbank JQ388345 View Materials ; BCLDQ00254, Genbank JQ388456 View Materials ) ( BMNH) GoogleMaps ; 1?, Thailand, Kanchanaburi, Khao Wang Kamen , 12.xii.09, B. Butcher (vouchers CK0003, Genbank HQ551237 View Materials and CK0005, Genbank HQ551239 View Materials ) ( CUMZ) ; 1 sex unknown [metasoma missing], Thailand, Loei Province, Phu Kradueng NP, mixed deciduous, north of Na Noi , 16.i.2007, 16° 53.443’ N, 101° 46.946’ E, 1247m, T Srisa-ad (voucher BCLDQ00271, Genbank JF962580 View Materials ) ( CUMZ) GoogleMaps .

Body length 3.8 mm, fore wing length 3.3 mm and antenna length 5.1 mm.

Antenna with 40–42 flagellomeres. Penultimate flagellomeres approximately 2.5 x longer than wide. Median flagellomeres approximately 2.7 x longer than wide. Occipital carina complete mediodorsally, almost forming a point. Mesopleuron largely rugulose with distinct longitudinal striation posteriorly, precoxal sulcus weakly impressed, coarsely sculptured, speculum absent. Midlongitudinal propodeal carina present on anterior 0.5 only. Fore wing vein 2-CU1 1.9 x 1-CU1. Apex of fore wing subbasal cell evenly densely setose. Fore wing vein 3-SR 1 x vein r. Fore wing vein 2-SR+M 1.1 x vein r. Fore wing vein SR1 4 x vein 3-SR. Hind wing vein M+CU 1.25 x 1- M. Hind wing subbasal cell both evenly densely setose. Hind wing vein m-cu absent. Apex of hind tibia with comb of modified adpressed setae medially and ventrally, but these a little more distinctly separated than in most taxa with comb present. Claws pectinate with 5 well spaced robust teeth between base of basal lobe and base of claw proper. Basal lobes of first tergite distinct, subtriangular. Midlongitudinal carina of 3 rd tergite present on anterior 0.7.

Etymology. Named because of its distinctly swollen maxillary palp segments.


Cameroon University, Museum of Zoology