Striariinae Bollman, 1888

Shear, William A., 2020, The millipede family Striariidae Bollman, 1893: I. Introduction to the family, synonymy of Vaferaria Causey with Amplaria Chamberlin, the new subfamily Trisariinae, the new genus Trisaria, and three new species (Diplopoda, Chordeumatida, Striarioidea), Zootaxa 4758 (2), pp. 275-295: 282-283

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Striariinae Bollman, 1888


Subfamily Striariinae Bollman, 1888  

The nominate subfamily is defined by the gonopod characters described in the section above, and in the table below.

It contains the genera Striaria   and Amplaria   . The two genera are easily separated by the crown of spines on the anterior gonopod angiocoxites in Striaria   ; these are absent in Amplaria   (cf. Figs. 10 & 11 View FIGURES 9–14 ).