Afronurus otus, Braasch, Dietrich & Jacobus, Luke M., 2011

Braasch, Dietrich & Jacobus, Luke M., 2011, Two new species of Afronurus Lestage, 1924, from Hong Kong, China (Ephemeroptera: Heptageniidae), Zootaxa 3062, pp. 64-68: 66-67

publication ID 10.5281/zenodo.204645

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scientific name

Afronurus otus

sp. nov.

Afronurus otus   , sp. nov.

(Fig. 2)

Male adult (in ethanol). Lengths: body 7.2 mm; fore wing 8.2 mm; cerci broken.

Compound eyes dark violet, pale apically, with dark ring at base; contiguous.

Thorax light yellow (faded). Wings hyaline, pterostigmal region opaque. Legs light yellow, forelegs with ratios of femur: tibia: tarsi (I –V) = 115: 125: 159 (35: 47: 40: 19: 18); hindlegs 102: 77: 30 (7: 5: 5: 3: 10).

Abdomen translucent, with no apparent pattern (probably faded). Penes relatively simple, with small, acute distal projections; distinctive bifurcation at tip of each penis lobe, with sharply pointed prongs subequal in size.

Larva. Unknown.

Etymology. The specific epithet is a noun in apposition, a reference to the owl-like shape of the penes.

Diagnosis. Afronurus otus   , sp. nov., has a distinctive bifurcation at the tip of each penis lobe, with sharply pointed prongs that are subequal in size.

Type material (in 70 % ethanol). Holotype: male adult, Hong Kong, Fan Ling, 16 /III/ 1967, M.T. Gillies [ PCDB].