Braasch, Dietrich & Jacobus, Luke M., 2011, Two new species of Afronurus Lestage, 1924, from Hong Kong, China (Ephemeroptera: Heptageniidae), Zootaxa 3062, pp. 64-68: 67

publication ID 10.5281/zenodo.204645

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Afronurus   spp.

Other samples that we have seen from Hong Kong contain Afronurini larvae that have posterior gill lamellae with elongations at their tips, as attributed to the assamensis   group, above. Some of these larvae might correspond to one of our new species, but we cannot confidently associate them with any species at this time.

Notably, one of these larval morphotypes is highly distinctive, because it has conspicuous lateral projections on the posterior abdominal segments (e.g., Tai Nam Wo, Kowloon, 8 /II/ 1967, P.T.P. Tsui, P., N.&M. Hsu [ PERC]), such as mentioned by Webb & McCafferty (2008 b). Other Hong Kong Afronurus   larvae do not have these pronounced projections.