Tetracanthella sibirica Deharveng, 1987,

Potapov, Mikhail, Brinev, Alexey & Sun, Xin, 2019, Isotomidae of Japan and Asiatic part of Russia. II. The genus Tetracanthella of the Far East, ZooKeys 855, pp. 31-54: 51-52

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Tetracanthella sibirica Deharveng, 1987


Tetracanthella sibirica Deharveng, 1987 

Tetracanthella arctica  auct.

Tetracanthella cf. arctica  auct.

Material from the Far East of Russia.

Chukotski AO: Anadyrski district, vicinities of Anadyr (holotype and paratype), leg. E. Bondarenko; ibidem, Anadyrski district, vicinities of Shakhterski, Volchikha River, leg. E. Bondarenko; ibidem, Iul’tinski district, Shmidta Cape, leg. K. Gorodkov; ibidem, Iul’tinski district, Wrangel Island, Somnitel’naya Bay, leg. K. Gorodkov.

Material from the Palearctic.

Yakutia, Bulunski Ulus, Bol’shoi Lyakhovski Isl. (Novosibirskiye Islands), mouth of Bol’shoi Etirikan River; ibidem, Bol’shoi Lyakhovski Isl., Shalourova Cape, leg. V. Bulavintsev.

Material from the Nearctic.

USA, Alaska, Kotzebue, 66.90°N, 162.59°W, 04.IX.1976, trough, moss & Carex  litter, leg. R. Greenberg; Alaska, North Slope, 10 ml NW Franklin Bruffs, moss in active polygon, 70.26°N, 161.89°W, 17.VIII.1976, leg.A.F.; Alaska, North Slope, Icy Cape, trough between polygons, moss and Carex  sp., 28.VIII.1976, leg. P. Connors; Alaska, North Slope, Canning River Delta, 70.05°N, 145.50°W, 23.VII.1980, several sites with Dryas  sp., moss and Carex  sp., leg. S. Ma cLean; Alaska, Norton Bay, Inglutalik River, moist tundra, leg. A.F.; Alaska, Nunivak Island, Duchikthluk Bay, 59.86°N, 166.07°W, 19.IX.1976 tundra with Empetrum  sp., Carex  sp., Vaccinium  sp., lichens, leg. P. Michelson; Alaska, Point Barrow, 71.31°N, 156.66°W, 30.VIII.1976, thick moss, some algae and lichens; ibidem, moss , Saxifraga  sp., Cochlearia  sp. on sandy stream bank, leg. A.F.; Alaska, Cape Thompson, Ogoturuk Creek Basin, 68.16°N, 165.35°W, 11.VIII.1980, moss in tussock tundra, leg. D. & B. Murrey; Alaska, Chevak in Yukon, Kuskokwin Delta, 61.51°N, 165.26°W, 09.VII.1976, mesic upland, moss and Betula nana  , leg. T. Seasted; Alaska, Cape Krusenstern, rather dry site, lichens, 67.25°N, 163.50°W, 03.IX.1976, Vaccinium  sp., leg. R. Greenberg.


Common in Asiatic and American parts of Arctic. In the Far East of Russia was recorded from Chukotka, in Wrangel Island, Anadyrskij, Uil’tinskij, Chaunskij and Chukotskij districts, as T. arctica  Cassagnau, 1959 or T. cf. arctica  in older publications ( Bondarenko 1975, Deharveng 1987, Babenko 2010, 2017, Martynova 1971, MacLean et al. 1978, and others). All Arctic records from the literature were summarized by Babenko and Fjellberg (2006).


The status of species is somewhat doubtful because morphological intergrading to T. arctica  ( Fjellberg 2007, 2015) which is distributed in Atlantic sector of Arctic. Specimens of T. sibirica  from Asia fit to the first description ( Deharveng 1987).