Ecnomus petchanaae Laudee & Malicky

Laudee, Pongsak, Seetapan, Kriengkrai, Vongsombath, Chanda & Malicky, Hans, 2020, New species of caddisflies (Trichoptera, Ecnomidae, Polycentropodidae, Psychomyiidae) from Mekong tributaries, Laos, ZooKeys 962, pp. 1-11: 1

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Ecnomus petchanaae Laudee & Malicky

sp. nov.

Ecnomus petchanaae Laudee & Malicky   sp. nov. Figure 1 View Figure 1


The male genitalia of E. petchanaae   sp. nov. are similar to Ecnomus gapit   Cartwright, 1994, E. yuleae   Cartwright, 1994, E. dares   Malicky, 2000, and E. perseis   Malicky, 2008 described from Borneo. The superior appendages of all these species, including the new species, are particularly large and the subapical part of the superior appendages is covered by numerous spiny setae. However, E. petchanaae   sp. nov. can be distinguished by the shape of its superior appendages, which, in lateral view, are slender and club-shaped, but basally broad in E. gapit   , E. yuleae   , E. dares   , and E. perseis   . In addition, in ventral view of the outer surface of the inferior appendages of the new species is crescent-shaped, whereas they are curved and claw-shaped in E. gapit   , E. yuleae   , E. dares   , and E. perseis   .


Adult, male, length of each male forewing 5.6-6.0 mm; color in alcohol of head, thorax, forewings, abdomen, and legs brown. Male genitalia as in Figure 1A-D View Figure 1 . Tergum IX somewhat square, anterior margin truncated, posterior margin bilobed in dorsal view (Fig. 1A View Figure 1 ); trapezoid and rounded anterodorsally in lateral view (Fig. 1B View Figure 1 ). Sternum IX ovoid in lateral view (Fig. 1B View Figure 1 ); rectangular with ¼ concave incision posteriorly, bilobed and rounded anteriorly in ventral view (Fig. 1C View Figure 1 ). Superior appendages long, slender, with expanded base, curved inward posteriorly with numerous long spiny setae subapically in dorsal view (Fig. 1A View Figure 1 ); in lateral view, superior appendages, relatively large, long, slightly curved upward, bulb-like apically, with numerous spiny setae (Fig. 1B View Figure 1 ). Inferior appendages tubular, bent inward, beak-like apically in lateral view (Fig. 1B View Figure 1 ); in ventral view, crescent-shaped, with a submediate knot, overlapping each other subapically (Fig. 1C View Figure 1 ). Phallus long, tubular, curved upward, pointed apex with dorsal process in lateral view (Fig. 1B View Figure 1 ); in ventral view, bulb-like, with pointed apex (Fig. 1D View Figure 1 ).

Type material.

Holotype. Male. Laos: Pakse Province: Paksong, Vang Ngao River, 15°11'37"N, 106°06'40"E, elev. 920 m, 7.iv.2019, Pongsak Laudee. ( PSUNHM). Paratypes: same data as the holotype, 3 males: 1 male ( PSUNHM), 1 male (CHM), 1 male ( NMPC).


The species epithet honors Mrs Kanchanaluk Petchana, Director of Administration and Strategic Development Division, Prince of Songkla University, Surat Thani Campus.