Complicatella complicata ( Shear, 1974 ), Shear & Richart & Wong, 2020

Shear, William A., Richart, Casey H. & Wong, Victoria L., 2020, The millipede family Conotylidae in northwestern North America, with a complete bibliography of the family (Diplopoda, Chordeumatida, Heterochordeumatidea, Conotyloidea), Zootaxa 4753 (1), pp. 1-78: 48-49

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Complicatella complicata ( Shear, 1974 )

new combination

Complicatella complicata ( Shear, 1974)   , new combination

Bollmanella complicata Shear 1974, p. 146   .

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New Records: WASHINGTON: Thurston Co., Black Lake and Belmore Road at 66 th Avenue, Tumwater, elev. 60 m., 46.9889°N, - 122.9659°W, 19 November 2003, W. Leonard, mm; GoogleMaps   Hospital Creek , above confluence with Skookumchuck River , 5 horiz mi S, 3 horiz mi E of Vail, elev. 245 m., 46.7732°N, - 122.5855°W, 15 December 2003, W. Leonard, K. McAllister, mm ff; GoogleMaps   Rainier Road SE, 3.0 mi NW of Military Road SE, Fort Lewis Military Reservation , elev. ca. 100 m., ca. 46.9351°N, - 122.7600°W, 29 November 2003, W. Leonard, m; GoogleMaps   The Evergreen State College campus, Beach Trail N of Driftwood Road , Olympia , elev. 30 m., 47.0791°N, - 122.9776°W, 26 January 2003, W. Leonard, mm ff; same as previous but 16 March 2003, mm; same as previous but 23 March 2003; same as previous but 22 December 2003, mm ff; GoogleMaps   Priest Point Park, Olympia, elev. ca. 65 m., ca. 47.07°N, - 122.89°W, 5 January 2003, W. Leonard, mm f; GoogleMaps   same as previous but 2 February 2003, m; same as previous but 14 November 2004, mm ff; along Rock Candy Mtn. Road, Capitol State Forest , elev. ca. 300 m., 47.0256°N, - 123.0735°W, 18 December 2004, W. Leonard, m. GoogleMaps   Grays Harbor Co. , Porter Creek Campground, Capitol State Forest , elev. 90 m., 46.9779°N, - 123.2565°W, 24 January 2005, W. Leonard, m. GoogleMaps   Cowlitz Co. , Germany Creek Road 5.5 mi N of Stella at SR-4, elev. 110 m., 46.2593°N, - 123.1344°W, 22 November 2003, W. Leonard, C. Richart, mm; same as previous but 8 December 2003, m f; same as previous but 11 November 2004, mm ff. GoogleMaps   Jefferson Co. , along Dosewallips River , Dosewallips Road 7.0 mi W of US-101, Olympic National Forest , elev. 115 m., 47.7326°N, - 123.0201°W, 19 November 2003, W. Leonard, m; GoogleMaps   Falls View Campground, US-101 7.8 mi NW of Brinnon, elev. 150 m., 47.7893°N, - 122.9255°W, 22 February 2003, W. Leonard, m f. GoogleMaps   Mason Co. , SR-119 6 mi W of US-101 at Hoodsport, elev. 310 m., 47.7326°N, - 123.2097°W, 7 February 2003, W. Leonard, mm. GoogleMaps   King Co. , FR-9034 near Granite Mountain Trailhead, Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest , elev. 580 m., 47.3977°N, - 121.4855°W, W. Leonard, 27 October 2007, mm f; same as previous but 26 March 2004, W. Leonard, C. Richart, m; same as previous but 25 October 2003. GoogleMaps   Lewis Co. , 604 Roswell Road, Centralia, elev. 65 m., 46.7227°N, - 122.9452°W, 25 January 2004, C. Richart, W. Leonard, mm ff; GoogleMaps   SE end of Riffle Lake , elev. 250 m., 46.4644°N, - 122.1705°W, 9 April 2004, W. Leonard, C. Richart, m; GoogleMaps   Slide Creek , Weyerhaeuser 4000 Rd 0.8 mi SW of Pe-Ell-McDonald Rd., elev. 190 m., 46.5250°N, - 123.1913°W, 4 December 2004, W. Leonard, C. Richart, mm ff; same as previous but 3 January 2005, W. Leonard; GoogleMaps   Stillman Basin, 1.8 mi on 4000 Weyerhaeuser from Pe-Ell McDonald Rd., elev. 290 m., 46.5145°N, - 123.2015°W, 4 December 2004, W. Leonard, C. Richart, from the litter and woody debris of a mixed forest including Thuja plicata   , Alnus rubra   , Rubus spectabilus   , Pseudotsuga menziesii   , and Polystichum munitum   , m f; GoogleMaps   North Fork of Newaukum River , below confluence with Middle Fork, elev. 88 m., 46.6046°N, - 122.8481°W, 29 December 2004, W. Leonard, m. GoogleMaps   Notes   GoogleMaps : This   GoogleMaps species was described from 1 mi W of Bayshore and 4 mi N of Shelton, Mason Co.   GoogleMaps , Washington   GoogleMaps , and heretofore was known only from the type locality. New   GoogleMaps collecting revealed a much wider distribution, detailed above and in the supplemental KML map, and show this species to be the most widely distributed and most commonly collected conotylid in western Washington. All   GoogleMaps these populations are linked by identical anterior gonopods ( Fig. 192 View FIGS ), but the posterior gonopod coxites (i.e., Fig. 193 View FIGS ) are so complicated that it is difficult to view them from exactly the same angle and make comparisons. Thus   GoogleMaps it is not possible really to be sure that all collections belong to the same species. This can be worked out later with genetic data.

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Complicatella complicata ( Shear, 1974 )

Shear, William A., Richart, Casey H. & Wong, Victoria L. 2020

Bollmanella complicata

Shear 1974: 146