Bollmanella leonardi, Shear & Richart & Wong, 2020

Shear, William A., Richart, Casey H. & Wong, Victoria L., 2020, The millipede family Conotylidae in northwestern North America, with a complete bibliography of the family (Diplopoda, Chordeumatida, Heterochordeumatidea, Conotyloidea), Zootaxa 4753 (1), pp. 1-78: 34-35

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Bollmanella leonardi

new species

Bollmanella leonardi   , new species

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Types: Male holotype and female paratype from WASHINGTON: Cowlitz Co., SR-503 1.5 m W of Lake Merwin Dam , elev. 80 m., 45.9518°N, - 122.5901°W, collected 21 November 2004 by W. Leonard ( CAS) GoogleMaps   .

Diagnosis: The posterior gonopod coxites of this species are similar to those of the other two described above, but the main branch has the characteristic form of a bird’s head, while the anterior gonopods are unique in their rugose apices.

Etymology: We are happy to name yet another species for our friend and colleague William P. Leonard, an expert in terrestrial mollusks who has taken the trouble to collect large numbers of millipedes in the Pacific Northwest, most of them belonging to new taxa.

Description: Male from SR-503 near Lake Merwin Dam: Length, 5.0 mm. 18 ocelli in triangular eyepatch. Metazonites with moderately well-developed shoulders on all but 28–30. Color cream-white, marked anteriorly with purplish brown. Legpairs one and two reduced, three to seven enlarged, mesal knobs present only on femora seven. Anterior gonopods ( Fig. 118 View FIGS ) stout, apical process acute, irregularly roughened; distinct angular median shoulder subterminally. Posterior gonopod coxites ( Figs. 119, 120 View FIGS ) slender, curved, with two thin basal branches, the anteriormost the longest, terminus of main branch resembling a bird’s head. Legpair 10 coxae of normal size, with small glands, legpair 11 femora with long, thin, dorsally directed knobs.

Female 6.5 mm long, similar to male in nonsexual characters.

Distribution: WASHINGTON: Cowlitz Co., Pin Creek, Kool Road 0.4 mi W of Fish Pond Road, elev. 120 m., 46.0739°N, - 122.8469°W, 25 January 2004, C. Richart, W. Leonard, mm f (CAS). Thurston Co., McAllister Creek S of Steilacoom Road SE, elev. 50 m., 47.0617°N, - 122.7320°W, 11 December 2004, W. Leonard, m (CAS).

Notes: The anterior gonopods are rather similar to the Taiyutyla   pattern. Unfortunately limited material did not permit SEM examination, but the drawings provided will allow clear identification of this species.


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