Peristenus Foerster , 1863,

Broad, Gavin R., Shaw, Mark R. & Godfray, H. Charles J., 2016, Checklist of British and Irish Hymenoptera - Braconidae, Biodiversity Data Journal 4, pp. 8151-8151: 8151

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Peristenus Foerster , 1863


Peristenus Foerster, 1863 


species of Peristenus  excluded from the British and Irish list:

[brevicornis ( Herrich-Schäffer, 1838, Perilitus  )] Listed by Loan (1974) as incertae sedis within Peristenus  or Leiophron  , by Huddleston (1978) as a doubtfully placed species of Leiophron  and by van Achterberg (in Belokobylskij et al. 2003) as a species of Peristenus  . We cannot trace any references to this species occurring in Britain or Ireland.

[duplobrevicornis (Shenefelt, 1969, Leiophron  ); syn. brevicornis (Ruthe, 1856, Microctonus  ) preocc.] According to Loan (1974), the type of brevicornis (Ruthe) is lost and the species cannot be identified with certainty. Recorded as British by Marshall (1872). Belokobylskij et al. (2003) list it as a species of Peristenus  (= Leiophron  according to Belokobylskij).

[mitis (Haliday, 1833, Leiophron  )] According to van Achterberg (in Belokobylskij et al. 2003) the type is lost and was probably a deformed specimen anyway.