Lepidastheniinae Pettibone, 1989

Salazar-Vallejo, Sergio I., Gonzalez, Norma Emilia & Salazar-Silva, Patricia, 2015, Lepidasthenialoboi sp. n. from Puerto Madryn, Argentina (Polychaeta, Polynoidae), ZooKeys 546, pp. 21-37 : 25

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Lepidastheniinae Pettibone, 1989


Taxon classification Animalia Phyllodocida Polynoidae

Subfamily Lepidastheniinae Pettibone, 1989 View in CoL

Type genus.

Lepidasthenia Malmgren, 1867, by original designation.


(Modif. Barnich and Fiege 2004). Prostomium with median and lateral antennae; lateral antennae terminal, ceratophores distinct. Tentaculophores without chaetae. Palps visible dorsally. Pharynx with jaws and border papillae. Dorsal tubercles indistinct. Dorsal cirrophores without filamentous organs, sometimes with lateral projections. Notopodia reduced, notochaetae usually missing. Neuropodia distally truncate, elongate, notched dorsally and ventrally, forming subequal anterior and posterior lobes; no supra-acicular processes.


Pettibone (1989:301) listed six genera as belonging to Lepidastheniinae : Alentiana Hartman, 1942, Benhamipolynoe Pettibone, 1970, Hyperhalosydna Augener, 1922, Lepidasthenia , Perolepis Ehlers, 1908, and Telolepidasthenia Augener & Pettibone in Pettibone, 1970. The review by Barnich and Fiege (2004) is followed regarding the composition and affinities in Lepidastheniinae .

Key to genera of Lepidastheniinae Pettibone, 1989