Oedichirus formosanus, Rougemont, 2018

Rougemont, Guillaume de, 2018, New oriental Oedichirus (Staphylinidae, Paederinae, Pinophilini), Linzer biologische Beiträge 50 (1), pp. 461-536: 476

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Oedichirus formosanus


Oedichirus formosanus   nov.sp. (Figs 38)

M a t e r i a l s t u d i e d: ♀ Holotype: TAIWAN, Taipei County, Wulai, Bao-Qing, Temple, N24º51.124 E121º32.243 / 18.v. 2007, 540 m, D. Martin & D.L.J. Quicke, BMNH(E) 2007-43 / HOLOTYPE Oedichirus formosanus Des, 2016 G. de Rougemont   [NHML   ].

D e s c r i p t i o n: length: 11.5 mm; length of fore-body: 4.7; length of head: 1.18; breadth of head: 1.25; length of antenna: 2.7; length of pronotum: 1.4; breadth of pronotum: 1.2; length of elytron: 2; breadth of elytra: 1.75. Body entirely deep black, palpi, antennae and legs testaceous. Fore-body glossy, abdomen shiny but entirely covered with evident reticulate microsculpture, denser and more evident on tergites VII and VIII; very dense and evident on anterior margins of preceding tergites. Pubescence long, pale, semierect. Habitus: Fig. 38h.

Head not very transverse; eyes moderately large; carina of post-ocular border salient, forming a prominent tooth on temples at a distance from posterior margin of eye; punctures coarse, umbilicate, dense, irregular on entire disc, leaving the anterior part of frons impunctate. Lateral margins of pronotum strongly bordered in anterior 2/3 rds, the surface immediately below border glossy and impunctate; puncturation of disc roughly arranged in four median parallel series, on either side with irregularly scattered punctures between these and a continuous series of punctures along lateral margin in anterior 1/3 rd, an arcuate series of a dozen punctures enclosing bases of the median series, and six smaller punctures between this and base. Fully winged; elytra ample, strongly elongate, with pronounced humeral angles; puncturation dense, fairly homogeneous, a little sparser on sides than near suture. Abdominal puncturation dense, about as coarse as that of elytra, punctures disposed randomly.