Hymenocephalus cf. aterrimus Gilbert 1905, Gilbert, 1905

Melo, Marcelo R. S., Braga, Adriana C., Nunan, Gustavo W. A. & Costa, Paulo A. S., 2010, On new collections of deep-sea Gadiformes (Actinopterygii: Teleostei) from the Brazilian continental slope, between 11 ° and 23 ° S, Zootaxa 2433, pp. 25-46: 35

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http://doi.org/ 10.5281/zenodo.194741

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Hymenocephalus cf. aterrimus Gilbert 1905


Hymenocephalus cf. aterrimus Gilbert 1905  

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Material examined. One specimen: MNRJ 27013 (1, 92.1 mm), T, E- 498.

Distribution. Collected from off Bahia, at depths from 614 to 629 m. Hymenocephalus aterrimus   was described from off the Kauai Island, Hawaii. It is known to have a worldwide distribution in tropical regions of the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans ( Iwamoto 1999; Iwamoto 2002); in the WSA, it was previously recorded from northeastern Brazil (3 ° 22 ’ S, 37 ° 49 ’ W) by Marshall and Iwamoto (1973 b).


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