Zehntnerobolus Wesener, 2009

Wesener, Thomas, Enghoff, Henrik & Sierwald, Petra, 2009, Review of the Spirobolida on Madagascar, with descriptions of twelve new genera, including three genera of ' fire millipedes' (Diplopoda), ZooKeys 19 (19), pp. 1-128 : 38

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https://doi.org/ 10.3897/zookeys.19.221

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Zehntnerobolus Wesener

gen. nov.

Zehntnerobolus Wesener View in CoL , gen. n.


Type species: Spirobolus rubripes de Saussure & Zehntner, 1897 , monotypic

Diagnosis: telopodite process of anterior gonopod slender and laterally curved, a unique character of Zehntnerobolus gen. n. Telopodite of posterior gonopod of unique shape, sperm canal protruding above lateral margin at mid-length ( Figs 22E, F View Figure 22 ). Suspicious row of sclerotized nodules located just below point where sperm canal protrudes above lateral margin ( Fig. 22G View Figure 22 ). Shares a small body size (30–36 mm) and large male coxal processes on coxae 3–5 only with Spiromimus de Saussure & Zehntner, 1901 ( Wesener and Enghoff, 2009). Telopodite of anterior gonopod at lateral margin elevat- ed ( Fig. 22E View Figure 22 ), similar to Pseudocentrobolus gen. n. and Granitobolus gen. n. Discharge opening of sperm canal turned laterally ( Figs 22E, F View Figure 22 ), like in Alluviobolus gen. n. and Riotintobolus gen. n.

Distribution and ecology: only known from the East Malagasy rainforests of Andrangoloaka and 30 km SE in Moramanga. Since 1900 no additional specimens have been collected. The reddish-black colour pattern plus medium length antennae and legs might indicate a life on the surface of (or inside) the leaf-litter.

Etymology: Zehntnerobolus , masculine, is composed of Zehntner, after Dr. Leo Zehntner (1864–1961), who described numerous millipede species from Madagascar, including the type species of this genus, and - bolus.

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