Trichiusa robustula Casey, 1894

Brunke, Adam J., Klimaszewski, Jan, Dorval, Julie-Anne, Bourdon, Caroline, Paiero, Steven M. & Marshall, Stephen A., 2012, New species and distributional records of Aleocharinae (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae) from Ontario, Canada, with a checklist of recorded species, ZooKeys 186, pp. 119-206: 159

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Trichiusa robustula Casey, 1894

New Canadian Record

Trichiusa robustula Casey, 1894   New Canadian Record Figs 78161-164Map 78

Trichiusa robustula   Casey, 1894: 343. Lectotype (male): USA, Iowa; robustula-8, Paratype USNM 39431; Casey bequest 1925; Lectotypus, male, Trichiusa robustula   Casey, V.I. Gusarov des. 2011 [unpublished designation]; our lectotype designation label, present designation (NMNH).

Material examined.

CANADA: ON: Chatham-Kent Co.,Rondeau Provincial Park, beach near entrance,, in debris on beach at high water line, A. Davies & J.M. Campbell, 2 (CNC), Rondeau Provincial Pk., South Beach,, in debris on beach at high water line, A. Davies & J.M. Campbell, 1 (CNC), Rondeau Provincial Park, Lakeshore Road,, sifted grass pile and leaves, A. Davies & J.M. Campbell, 3 (CNC);Essex Co., East Sister I. Prov. Nat. Res., 41°49'N 82°51'W, 30.vii.2003, shore, yellow pans, S.A. Marshall, 1 (DEBU).


Canada: ON; USA: IA. Native.


This species is currently recognizable only by the combination of habitus (Fig. 78) and the following sexual characteristics: median lobe of aedeagus in lateral view with tubus relatively broad, evenly subparallel and rounded apically (not sharp at apex) (Fig. 162); spermatheca with tubular capsule bearing large and deep apical invagination, stem sinuate, looped and twisted posteriad (Figs 163-164).

This species has been collected from the shoreline of the Great Lakes or from debris nearby. Further collecting is needed to determine whether or not Trichiusa robustula   is typical of lakeshore habitat.