Clivinopsis strigifrons (Fairmaire, 1874)

Bulirsch, Petr & Stachowiak, Mieczyslaw, 2017, Overview and new records of the species of the tribes Dyschiriini and Clivinini from Iraq (Coleoptera, Carabidae, Scaritinae), ZooKeys 672, pp. 135-144: 139

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Clivinopsis strigifrons (Fairmaire, 1874)


Clivinopsis strigifrons (Fairmaire, 1874)  

Studied material.

Clivinopsis strigifrons   : 1 specimen: Tunisie, Tozeur, iv.1954, R. Demoflys; (PBPC); Clivinopsis conicicollis   (Reitter, 1909)   : 1 specimen: Turkmenistan, Mary, Badchyz NSG, Eroyulenduz , 19-20.iv.1993, Cate & Dostal leg., (PBPC)   .

New record.

1 specimen: Iraq: Hatra, 3.v.1978, leg. Z. Stebnicka, (ISEA).


The locality in Iraq is subequally distant from those of C. conicicollis   (Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan) and C. strigifrons   (Algeria, Tunis, Mauretania). We have found no significant difference between all examined specimens of these two species. Unlike of Fedorenko (1996) and Balkenohl (2003) who treated both taxa separately we follow Müller (1937: 130) in recognizing these taxa as conspecific. The validity of C. strigifrons bonifacei   Bruneau de Miré, 1952 (Mauretania) is unclear.