Uvariastrum pierreanum Engl., Monogr. Afrik. Pflanzen.-Fam. 6: 32. 1901., Engl., Monogr. Afrik. Pflanzen. - Fam. 6: 32. 1901.

Couvreur, Thomas L. P., 2014, Revision of the African genus Uvariastrum (Annonaceae), PhytoKeys 33, pp. 1-40: 18-23

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Uvariastrum pierreanum Engl., Monogr. Afrik. Pflanzen.-Fam. 6: 32. 1901.


4. Uvariastrum pierreanum Engl., Monogr. Afrik. Pflanzen.-Fam. 6: 32. 1901.   Figure 9 View Figure 9


Gabon. Estuaire: Libreville, Oct 1897, T.-.J. Klaine 1091 (lectotype, designated by Le Thomas 1969, p. 294: P! [P00315822]; isolectotype: B! [B1001153112]).


Tree to 20-25 m high, d.b.h. up to 40 cm; bole cylindrical, old branches spreading, glabrous, truck fluted when old, bark brown-grey; first year branches sparsely pubescent to glabrous, hairs ca. 0.5-1 mm long, appressed, light brown; leaf buds elongated, pubescent, hairs ca. 1 mm long, appressed, light brown. Petioles 2-4 mm long, 1-1.5 mm in diameter; glabrous, sometimes sparsely pubescent in first year leaves, hairs ca. 0.5 mm long, appressed; leaf lamina inserted on top, weakly grooved adaxially. Leaf lamina 6-12(-16) cm long, 2-4.5 cm wide, length:width ratio 2.5-4.2, narrowly elliptic to elliptic or narrowly obovate to obovate, sometimes narrowly oblong to oblong, papyraceous to sub coriaceous in older leaves, glabrous to sparsely pubes cent, hairs ca. 0.3 mm long, appressed, light brown; lamina dark green adaxially; light green abaxially; base cuneate to decurrent, apex acuminate, acumen 0.7-2 cm long, lamina margins wavy; midribglabrous on both sides; secondary veins 7-12, curving upwards, arching towards margins, glabrous, slightly raised adaxially; clearly visible abaxially. Raphidia 1-3 on young to old branches, numerous when cauliflorous. Flowering pedicel 1.5-5 cm long, 1-1.5 mm in diameter, sparsely pubescent to densely pubescent, hairs 0.3 mm long, appressed, light brown. Bracts 1, basal to sub basal, ca. 6 mm long and wide, length:width ratio ca. 1, very broadly ovate, apex acuminate, base truncate, pubescent outside, hairs ca. 0.2 mm long, appressed, light brown, glabrous inside. Flower buds up to 3 cm long, up to 1.5 cm in diameter, pyramidal, margins strongly reflexed. Sepals 1.5-2.5 cm long, 1-2 cm wide, length:width ratio 1.2-1.4, broadly ovate, tomentose brown, and sparsely pubescent inside, hairs 0.2 mm long, appressed, light brown; tomentose light brown outside, glabrous towards center. Sepals grey-green in fresh material, light brown to yellowish outside, yellowish inside along margins, black at center inside. Outer petals 2.5-4 cm long, 0.8-1.5 cm wide, length:width ratio 2-3, narrowly elliptic to elliptic, base narrowed, apex acute; densely pubescent outside, more so along central vein, hairs ca. 0.1 mm long, appressed, light brown; sparsely pubescent inside, hairs 0.1 mm long, appressed, light brown. Inner petals 1.5-2.8 cm long, 0.6-1.5 cm wide, length:width ratio 1.6-2.6, narrowly elliptic to elliptic, base narrowed, apex acute, pubescence similar to outer petals. Petals yellow to grayish-yellow in fresh material; dark brown to grey outside, black inside in herbarium material. Stamens 4-6 mm long, connective discoid, pubescent, ca. 1 mm in diameter, pinkish red. Carpels 5-10, 4-6 mm long, 1.5-2 mm in diameter, stigma weakly bilobed, ca. 2 mm in diameter, drying back, densely pubescent, hairs ca. 0.5 mm long, appressed upwards, light brown; ovules 24-35. Fruiting pedicels 1.5-5 cm long, 4-6 mm in diameter, woody, glabrous to sparsely pubescent. Monocarps 3-5, up to 9-10 cm long, 4-5 cm wide, globose to ellipsoid, generally straight; not ribbed, smooth, densely tomentose brown, light green in vivo, all over giving a velvety aspect; pale bluish green turning brown at maturity on fresh material; apex rounded, stipe 0-4 mm long, 3-5 mm wide; not rostrate. Seeds numerous per monocarp, 1.5-2.5 cm long, 1-1.5 cm wide, ellipsoid flat, 5-9 mm in depth; testa black to brown, smooth, easily falling off revealing the ruminate endosperm; raphe raised; hilum 0.7-1 cm long, 3-5 mm wide, narrowly ellipsoid.


A widespread species across West and Central Africa. Found in Guinea, Liberia, Ivory Coast and Ghana, as well as in Nigeria, Cameroon, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Central African Republic, Republic of Congo and two specimens in Democratic Republic of Congo. Figure 11 View Figure 11 .

Habitat and ecology.

Found in primary or secondary lowland rain forest. On tierra firme, or along rivers, occurring on sandy or rocky soils. Also found in gallery forests near savannas. 0-600m.


Flowering and fruiting have been recorded across its distribution all year round.

Preliminary IUCN conservation status.

LC. This species is the most widespread of all Uvariastrum   species occurring in numerous national parks and other protected areas in both Central and West Africa, as well as being a common understory tree and is often collected. The Least Concerned category is recommended.

Vernacular names.

Central African Republic: Mosooso (Tisserant ( Équipe) C, 57); Mosome (Lissongo, Tisserant ( Équipe) C. 582); Democratic Republic of Congo: Niyegbabe (Ngwaka, Evrard C.M, 587); Equatorial Guinea: Nvuma (Fang, Lejoly J. 95T/3193); Ghana: Ochwe-chi (Ashanti, Vigne, C. 3132); Ankuma-baka (Wum, Vigne, C. 1860).


The wood is hard and sometimes used for making guns in West Africa ( Burkill 1985; Irvine 1961).


Uvariastrum pierreanum   is characterized by a combination of light brown sepals and glabrous leaves. The leaves resemble those of Uvariastrum germainii   but the petioles are notably shorter and the apex shortly acuminate. The fruits are large smooth and pubescent with a green tinge when fresh in contrast to Uvariastrum germainii   that has smaller ribbed fruits.

Selected specimens examined.

Cameroon. Central Province: C. 30 km South of M’Balmayo, 13 Feb 1964, Wilde, W.J.J.O. de 1904 (B, BR, EA, FHI, K, MO, P, PRE, WAG, YA, Z). East Province: 3 km west of Djembe road head. Lobeke Reserve. 16 Oct 1998, Harris, D.J. 5889 (E); East Lobeke Reserve. Small Bai and surrounding forest, 1 Nov 1998, Harris, D.J. 6135 (E); 10 km N of Welele, between Yokadouma and Molundu, along road, 18 Mar 1987, Manning, S.D. 1586 (MO,P,YA); a 25 km à WSW de Kinsassa, ville situé à 6 km au NWN de Noloundou sur route de Yokadouma, 9 Mar 1971, Letouzey, R. 10533 (HBG, P); 13 km SSW de Koso (village situé à 60 km SSW de Batouri), 29 Jul 1963, Letouzey, R. 5529 (P); Forêt au sud de Dimako, rive droite de la Rivière Mbonda, 18 Jan 1960, Letouzey, R. 2670 (P); Réserve de Biosphère du Dja, vers 1175m sur la piste reliant la station de Bouamir et l’inselberg de Mbasakok, 19 May 2001, Senterre, B. 1370 (BR); Réserve de Biosphère du Dja, vers 1175m sur la piste reliant la station de Bouamir et l’inselberg de Mbasakok, 18 May 2001, Senterre, B. 1283 (BR). South Province: Station du Cacaoyer de N’koemvone, S. of Ebolowa, 14 km on the road to Ambam, 18 Feb 1975, Wilde, J.J.F.E. de 7972 (B, BR, EA, K, LG, MA, MO, P, PRE, SRGH, U, WAG, YA); près de Meyo Centre, 40 km SSW d’Ebolowa, 24 Mar 1970, Letouzey, R. 10225 (P); Campo Ma’an National Park, 5 km after main entrance, 15 Feb 2012, Couvreur, T.L.P. 385 (WAG, YA); 20 km west from Lélé village, 7 Sep 2013, Couvreur T.L.P. 454 (WAG, YAO); Bitya nr. river Ja (Dja), Sep 1922, Bates, G.L. 1764 (K). South-West Province: Forest and second growth around Erat village in the southwest corner of the Korup National Park., 10 Jun 1988, Thomas, D.W. 8094 (L, WAG).

Central African Republic. Lobaye: Station de Boukoko, 3 Mar 1948, Tisserant ( Équipe), C. 739 (HBG,P,WAG); Boukoko, 15 Jun 1950, Tisserant ( Équipe), C. 57 (P); à Boukoko, 31 Dec 1947, Tisserant ( Équipe), C. 582 (MO, P). Sangha-Mbaere: Bai Hoku, 25 km E of Bayanga. 26 Jan 1995, Goldsmith, M. 205 (E); Bai Hoku Camp, 25 km E of Bayanga, 14 Aug 1995, Remis, M. 100-95 (E); Kongana camp, 22 km SE of Bayanga, 1 Apr 1996, Fangounda, J. 503 (E); 25 km SE of Bayanga, Kongana research camp, 16 Feb 1994, Harris, D.J. 4641 (E).

Democratic Republic of Congo. Equateur: rivière Kangada, Boyazube, 23 Mar 1955, Evrard, C.M. 587 (BR). Orientale: La Kulu, 11 Apr 1931, Brande, J.F. van den 538 (BR); EQUATORIAL GUINEA. Rio Muni, Centro Sur: Parc National de la Lonte Alen, transect de Monte Chocolate, 14 Jul 1995, Lejoly, J. 95T/L 3193 (BR).

Gabon. Estuaire: S of Ekouk, 3 Nov 1983, Louis, A.M. 336 (C, K, LBV, U, WAG); Malibé à 3 km Nord-Ouest. Sur la route de Libreville/Cap Estérias, 1 Nov 1984, Louis, A.M. 1632 (LBV, MO,W AG); Andem, à 70 km sur la route de Libreville - Kango, 2 km NE, 26 Sep 1985, Louis, A.M. 1817 (BR, K, LBV, LISC, MO, WAG); Brigade forestière de Ekouk (nouvelles parcelles), 28 Sep 1983, Floret, J.J. 1532 (LBV, P, WAG); Nyonyie survey, transect F2. Forêt exploiteé, 5 Jul 1990, Wilks, C.M. 2123 (MO, WAG); Off logging road near Ekorodo Village, alongside small stream, 30 Apr 2001, Stone, J.R. 3236 (L, LBV, MO, WAG); Forêt de la Mondah. CADDE Botanical trail; 1 km SE of the Passel de Conservateur, 21 Nov 2002, Stone, J.R. 3456 (LBV, MO); Environs de Libreville, 1896, Klaine, T.-.J. 99 (P); 12 Jan 1898, Klaine, T.-.J. 200 a (A, P, WAG); 2 Oct 1900, Klaine, T.-.J. 1963 (P); 22 Nov 1901, Klaine, T.-.J. 2520 (P); 8 Jan 1902, Klaine, T.-.J. 2606 (P); 12 Feb 1902, Klaine, T.-.J. 2720 (MPU, P); 15 Oct 1902, Klaine, T.-.J. 3112 (P); Nyonyie. Transect F2, 15 Jul 1990, Wilks, C.M. 2259 (LBV, WAG); N of Libreville, Forêt de la Mondah, 14 Feb 2003, Sosef, M.S.M. 2014 (LBV, MO, WAG); N of Libreville, Forêt de la Mondah. Just after the parcelle des conservateurs, 26 Oct 2005, Sosef, M.S.M. 2034 (BR, K, LBV, MO, WAG). Moyen-Ogooué: 26 km ENE of Lambaréné, 6 km ENE of Bellevue, 2 Apr 1994, Wieringa, J.J. 2620 (LBV, MO, 2-sheets U, WAG); Oguemoué, 19 Oct 1953, Guillery S.R.F.G. 1189 (LBV, WAG). Ngounié: Concession CBG, ± 20km à l’Ouest de Mandji, 31 Jul 2008, Dauby, G.V. 1108 (BR); forêt au Nord de Lambaréné, à environ 5 km au nord de la rivière Niambo-Kamba, 15 Aug 2008, Dauby, G.V. 1378 (BRLU). Nyanga: along Nyanga river stream upwards from Mayonami, 16 Mar 1994, Wieringa, J.J. 2499 (LBV, U, WAG); Chantier CEB, Inventory, ca 50 km SW of Doussala, primary rain forest, 14 Jun 1985, Reitsma, J.M. 1152 (LBV, WAG); Inventory; chantier CEB, ca 50 km SW of Doussala, 24 Aug 1985, Reitsma, J.M. 1384 (LBV, WAG); 30 km S.S.W. of Doussala, Game Reserve Moukalaba, 14 Mar 1988, Wilde, J.J.F.E. de 9342 (LBV, MO, WAG); Monts Doudou, à 2km au Nord de Mourindi, 18 Apr 2000, Sosef, M.S.M. 1332 (LBV, WAG); Doudou Mountains, Chantier SFN-Bakker, 22 Nov 2003, Jongkind, C.C.H. 5743 (LBV, WAG). Ogooué-Ivindo: Near village Ekobakoba, 50 km SE of Makokou; inventory, 21 May 1987, Reitsma, J.M. 3558 (LBV, WAG); South of Ayem; western border of Lopé-Okanda Reserve; along roads south of SEEF chantier, 28 Dec 1991, McPherson, G.D. 15696 (LBV, MO, P, WAG); near Booué-Makokou road, north of Koumameyong, along SHM lumber roads, 1 Feb 1993, McPherson, G.D. 16128 (LBV, MO, P, WAG); Reserve de Lopé-Okanda, SEGC, 6 Oct 1990, White, L.J.T. 163 (LBV, MO); Reserve de Lopé-Okanda, SEGC, CNSS/PENTADESMA, 28 Jun 1990, White, L.J.T. 4 (LBV, MO); M’passa, 24 Feb 1979, Florence, J. 1677 (P); Bélinga, mines de fer, 1966, Hallé, N. & Le Thomas, A. 604 (P). Ogooué-Lolo: Tsamba, Yao, 20 Sep 1926, Le Testu, G.M.P.C. 6083 (EA,P); c. 25 km E of Lastoursville, Chantier forestier CEB Bambidie, on Sentier Forestier, 28 Oct 2005, Sosef, M.S.M. 2055 (BR,LBV,MO,WAG); Chantier Bambidie, c. 43 km on the road to Okondja - Lelama, 31 Oct 2005, Sosef, M.S.M. 2158 (BR, LBV, MO, WAG). Ogooué-Maritime: Rabi, 29 Mar 1990, Breteler, F.J. 9626 (BR, C, G, LBV, MA, MO, P, PRE, WAG); ± 17 km sur la route à partir de Doussala dans une direction Nord-Ouest, 23 Mar 2000, Sosef, M.S.M. 1391 (LBV, WAG); Monts Doudou, à ± 15km à O-S.O de Doussala autour du campement 5, 31 May 2000, Azizet Issembé, Y. 387 (LBV, WAG); Toucan, 1 Jun 2002, Bourobou, H.P. 661 (LBV, WAG); 13 Jun 2002, Bourobou, H.P. 735 (LBV, WAG); Petit Loango, 25 Sep 2002, Bourobou, H.P. 892 (LBV, WAG); Parc National Loango, 19m, 17 Jun 2004, Mouandza Mbembo, J.-.C. 197 (K, LBV, MO, P, WAG); Doudou Mountains National Park, c. 5 km S of Camp Peny (CBG), 14 Nov 2005, Sosef, M.S.M. 2285 (BR, K, LBV, MO, WAG); Loango National Park, Rembo Rabi River, upstream from Rabi village, 5m, 6 May 2005, Harris, D.J. 8388 (E, IG, LBV, WAG); Loango National Park, Rembo Rabi River, upstream from Rabi village, 5m, 6 May 2005, Harris, D.J. 8391 (E, LBV, WAG); Loango National Park, c. 1 km south of Rabi village, 15m, 8 May 2005, Harris, D.J. 8458 (E, LBV, WAG); Loango National Park, east side of Rembo Nyoungou river, c. 2 km upstream from Akaka camp, 14 May 2005, Harris, D.J. 8644 (E, LBV, WAG). Woleu-Ntem: Evorombil, 11 Apr 1934, Le Testu, G.M.P.C. 9539 (EA, P); forestry concession Bordamur, c. 70 km NE of Mitzic, 7 Feb 2003, Sosef, M.S.M. 1915 (BR, LBV, MO, WAG).

Ghana. Ashanti Region: Abofaw (=Abofuo), Nov 1933, Vigne, C. FH 3132 (FHO). Brong-Ahafo Region: Atuna, N.W. Ashanti, Dec 1934, Vigne, C. FH 3511 (P); Pamu Berekun F.R, Sep 1932, Vigne, C. FH 2486 (FHO). Central Region: Akokosasu, 25 Aug 1934, Hughes, F.E. 102 (FHO). Eastern Region: Amantia, 152m, Mar 1930, Vigne, C. FH 1860 (FHO); Kade Agricultural Research Station, 26 Mar 1968, Hossain, M. 38223 (K).

Guinea. Macenta: Sérédou, 1969, Adam, J.-.G. 26906 (MO). Nzérékoré: Nimba Mountains, just north of Camp 1 (Mifergui), 28 Nov 2006, Jongkind, C.C.H. 7318 (WAG); Nimba Mountains, plot JRFL11, 611m, 9 Dec 2007, Nimba Botanic Team JR 1756 (WAG); Forêt Classée de Mt Yonon, not far from the Diane River, 11 May 2011, Jongkind, C.C.H. 10728 (WAG); Mont Yonon, East slope, 768m, 4 Feb 2012, Yonon Botanic Team 111 (WAG).

Ivory Coast. Abengourou: 30 km NE of Abengourou, along the road from Sankadiakro to Manzanonan, 1 Aug 1969, Versteegh, C. 623 (U, WAG). Daloa: F.C. du Haut-Sassandra, Sud. forêt peu dégradée, layon 28, Est CTFT, 19 Jul 1995, Kouamé, F.N. 1525 (CSRS). Divo: 15 km on the road to Fresco from road Sassandra-Lakota, 8 May 1975, Burg, W.J. van der 156 (WAG). Guiglo: forêt près de Sakré, 28 Feb 1969, Aké Assi, L. 10499 (FHO). Tabou: P.N. Taï, 26 Feb 1992, Téré, H.G. 2207 (CSRS); P.N. Taï, station d’écologie. Taï, environ 0.5 Km à l’Est de la Station CRE, Feb 1999, Menzies, A. 92 (G).

Liberia. Grand Gedeh: Mimtimber exploitation, 10 miles NW of Chien, 22 Jan 1969, Jansen, J.W.A. 1261 (U, WAG); Eastern Province, Putu District. New road from Chiehn (Zwedru village) to Cape Palmas. About 10 km N. of Kamweake, a small village situated c. 70 km S. of Chiehn, 27 Mar 1962, Wilde, J.J.F.E. de 3667 (WAG); Grebo Forest, 8 Dec 2005, Jongkind, C.C.H. 7190 (BR, WAG). Lofa: North Lorma National Forest, 21 Nov 2005, Jongkind, C.C.H. 6783 (WAG). Nimba: Yéképa. Mt Nimba - Mt Gangra, 6 Oct 1971, Adam, J.-.G. 26222 (MO, P, WAG); Jéképa. Grassfield, 4 Oct 1969, Adam, J.-.G. 24016 (WAG); Nimba area, 10 Apr 1962, Voorhoeve, A.G. 1092 (WAG); between Bonpla village and Mt Beeton, 565m, 11 Apr 2010, Jongkind, C.C.H. 9657 (WAG).

Nigeria. Edo State: Ugwega (Beni), Compt. 86, 16 Jan 1948, Brenan, J.P.M. 8827 (COI, FHI, FHO); Okomu Forest reserve, Compartment no. 86, 26 Jan 1948, Brenan, J.P.M. 8901 (COI, FHO, K, P); Okomu Forest Reserve, Mar 1948, Akpabla, G.K. 1121 (P). Ondo State: N’Krowa, 13m, Feb 1935, Kennedy, J.D. 2571 (A, F, FHO).

Republic of Congo. Kouilou: Bas-Kouillou, 5 Jan 1988, Foresta, H. de 1536 (P). Lékoumou: forets entre Loudima et Libiti, Feb 1957, Koechlin, J. 7758 (P). Sangha: Nouablé-Ndoki National Park, Goualougo Study Site, 37.29 km E-SE de Bomassa, 11 Apr 2008, Ndolo Ebika, S.T. 344 (E, WAG).

Sierra Leone. Eastern Province: Wanje Valley, Kambui Hills Forest Reserve, in block 9, near motor road, 19 Apr 1967, Samai, S.K. 529 (K).