Brigantiaea sorediata Kashiw., Mas. Inoue & K.H. Moon

Kalb, Klaus, Buaruang, Kawinnat, Mongkolsuk, Pachara & Boonpragob, Kansri, 2012, New or otherwise interesting Lichens. VI, including a lichenicolous fungus, Phytotaxa 42, pp. 35-47 : 38

publication ID 10.11646/phytotaxa.42.1.5


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Brigantiaea sorediata Kashiw., Mas. Inoue & K.H. Moon


Brigantiaea sorediata Kashiw., Mas. Inoue & K.H. Moon View in CoL ( Fig. 1C View FIGURE 1 )

This peculiar species was previously known only from the type locality in Japan ( Kashiwadani et al. 2002). We have compared our sample with type material and they are identical in every respect. However, we do not believe that the thallus is totally covered by soredia as mentioned by Kashiwadani et al. (2002) because the granular outgrowths on the thallus do not originate from soralia. The granules start as warts on the otherwise smooth thallus and with age, the warts themselves become warty so that the whole thallus is covered by a compact rather than a loose layer of granules, similar to some forms of Dirinaria aegialita (Afzel. ex Ach.) B.J. Moore. The collection cited above is a new addition to the African lichen biota.

Specimen examined:—AFRICA. Tanzania: Kilimanjaro region; Moshi, Mweka route. Corticolous in a light Podocarpus- mountain forest with dominating Erica arborea , on the trunk of an old Podocarpus spec. 2700 –2900 m, 03°09’50’’ S, 37°21’50’’ E, 30 September 1999, A. Frisch (hb. Frisch 99/Tz185, dupl. hb. Kalb).

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