Agonimia pacifica (Harada) Diederich

Kalb, Klaus, Buaruang, Kawinnat, Mongkolsuk, Pachara & Boonpragob, Kansri, 2012, New or otherwise interesting Lichens. VI, including a lichenicolous fungus, Phytotaxa 42, pp. 35-47 : 35-36

publication ID 10.11646/phytotaxa.42.1.5


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Agonimia pacifica (Harada) Diederich


Agonimia pacifica (Harada) Diederich

Harada (1993) described this species and placed it in a new genus Agonimiella . Diederich however convincingly showed that the differences between the new genus and Agonimia are more minor than thought by Harada ( Aptroot et al. 1997). Consequently he transferred the species to the genus Agonimia . Our own observations confirmed those of Diederich. Previously, Agonimia pacifica was known from Brazil, Costa Rica, Japan, Reunion and Taiwan ( Aptroot 2002, Aptroot et al. 2008, v.d. Boom et al. 2011). This report is a new addition to the Chinese lichen biota.

Specimens examined: — CHINA. Zhejiang Province: Mount Tianmushan near Lin’an city; trail from Longfengjian Parking Lot to Peak of Immortales, in a rainforest with Carpinus viminea, Cyclocarva paliurus, Castanea henryi , Quercus serrata , etc. 1200 m. 30°20’ N, 119°26’ E, 19 October 2010, K. Kalb & Z.F. Jia (hb. Kalb 38740).—Qingyuan County; Mount Baishanzu, Baishanzu National Nature Reserve below the Baishanzu Protection Station, in a mixed mountain rainforest, 1400 m. 27°45’ N, 119°11’ E, 11 October 2010, K. Kalb & Z.F. Jia (hb. Kalb 38621).

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