Eschatogonia prolifera (Mont.) R. Sant.

Kalb, Klaus, Buaruang, Kawinnat, Mongkolsuk, Pachara & Boonpragob, Kansri, 2012, New or otherwise interesting Lichens. VI, including a lichenicolous fungus, Phytotaxa 42, pp. 35-47 : 41

publication ID 10.11646/phytotaxa.42.1.5


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Eschatogonia prolifera (Mont.) R. Sant.


Eschatogonia prolifera (Mont.) R. Sant. View in CoL

This species was previously known for Thailand and Khao Yai National Park (Wolseley et al. 2002), but no chemistry was reported in that paper. This would have been interesting, because Timdal (2007) reported two chemotypes for E. prolifera , namely didymic acid and accessory compounds occurring in South American specimens and sekikaic acid, homosekikaic acid and zeorin in African specimens. In the Thai specimen cited below, we found didymic and subdidymic acids as major substances and zeorin as a minor metabolite. Thus this Thai specimen represents a third, previously unknown chemotype.

Specimen examined:— THAILAND. Nakhon Ratchasima Province: Pak Chong District; Khao Yai National Park at km 33, in a pristine dry evergreen forest, 810 m, 14°27’48’’ N, 101°22’14’’ E, 12 March 2011, K. Kalb & K. Buaruang ( RAMK, hb. Kalb 38806) GoogleMaps .


Ramkhamhaeng University

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