Callimerus rusticus Gorham, 1883,

Yang, Gan-Yan, Montreuil, Olivier & Yang, Xing-Ke, 2013, Taxonomic revision of the genus Callimerus Gorham s. l. (Coleoptera, Cleridae). Part I. latifrons species-group, ZooKeys 294, pp. 9-35: 24-26

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Callimerus rusticus Gorham, 1883


Callimerus rusticus Gorham, 1883  Figs 41-5372

rusticus  Gorham, 1883: 252 ( Callimerus  ; localities: “Celebes”, “Sangir”).

bipunctatus  Kuwert, 1893: 485 ( Lemidia  ; type locality: “Celebes”); - Schenkling 1898: 169 (synonymized with rusticus Gorham).

Type material examined.

Lectotype of Callimerus rusticus  Gorham designated here: "Celebes / Callimerus rusticus, Gorh. / Gorham Type / Museum Paris, Coll. H. S. Gorham, 1911/ Lectotype ♂: Callimerus rusticus Gorham, 1883, des. Yang G. Y., 2011" (MNHN, ♂; Figs 41-43); Paralectotype of Callimerus rusticus  : "Rosenb., Sangir / Callimerus rusticus Gorham / Type ♀ / Type / rusticus Gorh. n. sp." (RMNH, 1♀); Holotype of Lemidia bipunctatus  Kuwert: "S. Celebes, Aug.-Sept. '91, W. Doherty / Ex-Musaeo, W. Rothschild, 1899 / Museum Paris, 1952, Coll. R. Oberthür / Lemidia bipunctata Kuw. Type / Holotype: Lemidia bipunctata Kuwert, 1893, ♂, det. Yang G. Y., 2011" (MNHN, ♂; Figs 44-45).

Note on Type material.

The original description of Callimerus rusticus  Gorham mentioned two specimens, but the name-bearing type was not fixed. We found both syntypes in MNHN and RMNH respectively, and designate the male from Coll. Gorham in MNHN as lectotype here to express the taxonomic purpose of fixing the name to a single specimen and preventing further uncertainty regarding the taxon to which the name is applied.

The original publication of Lemidia bipunctatus  Kuwert noted that only one specimen was examined, so the holotype was originally fixed by monotypy.


This species can be rapidly distinguished from other species of the latifrons species-group by posterior spot on elytron being located lateral-apically, bar-shaped, with a length to width ratio of about 4:1 (Fig. 41).

This species is most similar to Callimerus pectoralis  ; the difference between them is provided in the diagnosis section under Callimerus pectoralis  .


Size:length 7.5-9.5 mm, width 2.4-3.0 mm. Color: Head yellow, mandibles black; pronotum yellow. Elytron yellow with two spots, anterior spot at basal fourth, posterior spot at lateral-apex; anterior spot round and small, clearly neither reaching outer margin nor suture, short diameter of anterior spot on elytron in most cases not greater than distance between that spot and elytral suture (Fig. 41, 44); posterior spot bar-shaped, length to width ratio about 4:1 (Fig. 41). Legs yellow with metacoxae mostly black. Prosternum yellow; mesepisternum black, mesepimeron and mesosternum yellow; metepisternum, metasternum and katepisternum black; abdominal ventrites yellow. Head: AL/AD about 1.0; EyD/EyW about 1.0. Prothorax: PL/PW about 0.8. Elytra: EL/EW about 1.8. Male terminalia: apices of parameres convergent (Figs 46-48); TML/TMW about 1.3; TMaL/TML about 0.22, outer margin of ventral membranous region slightly curved (Figs 48, 48a); SApL/SFL about 0.3 (Fig. 50); tergite VIII with posterior margin almost straight, sternite VIII with posterior margin shallowly concave (Figs 51, 52).

Other material examined.

Ost-Celebes, Tombugu, H. Kühn 1885 (MNHN, 1♂)*; Ost-Celebes, Tombugu, H. Kühn 1885 (MNHN, 1 ex.); W. Celebes, G. Rangkoenau, J.P. Ch. Kalis, 900' 1937 (MNHN, 1 ex.); Celebes, Menado (MNHN, 1♀); "Celebes, G. Heinrich, B. M. 1933-117 / Celebes, Latimodjonggeb. Uru, 800 m,Aug / Sept.1930, G. Heinrich / Brachycallimerus pectoralis (Schenkling), det. G. Ekis, 1985" (NHML, 1 ex.); "Drs. Sarasin, S. Celebes, Makassar / Callimerus rusticus Gorh., Determ K. M. Heller" (NHMB, 8 ex.); "Men [Sulawesi, Manado] / Ex. A. R. Wallace, Private collection, Purchased 1860-70, Ox. Uni. Mus. of Nat. Hist. (OUMNH)" (OUM, 1 ex.).


(Fig. 72). Indonesia (Sulawesi).














Callimerus rusticus Gorham, 1883

Yang, Gan-Yan, Montreuil, Olivier & Yang, Xing-Ke 2013


Gorham 1876


Gorham 1876


Gorham 1876