Allograpta terraenovae Thompson,

Mengual, Ximo & Thompson, F. Christian, 2015, Australian Allograpta Osten Sacken (Diptera, Syrphidae), ZooKeys 513, pp. 65-78: 67-71

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scientific name

Allograpta terraenovae Thompson

sp. n.

Taxon classification Animalia Diptera Syrphidae

Allograpta terraenovae Thompson  sp. n. Figures 5-8, 9, 11, 18

Allograpta  88-13 Thompson in litt.

Type locality.

AUSTRALIA: Queensland, Jowalbinna, 6.7 km west of, 15°45'S, 144°12'E.


Holotype male labelled: "6.7 km W ‘Jowalbinna’ // H.S., Qld 15°45'S, 144°12'E // 11 May 1989 // G. and A. Daniels" "Australian Museum // K402264" "Holotype // Allograpta  // nsp. 88-13 // Thompson" [red] "HOLOTYPE // Allograpta  // terraenovae  // Thompson 2014" [red] [AMS].

Paratypes: AUSTRALIA, NEW SOUTH WALES: Marsfield, vii.1976, C.E. Chadwick [1♀ AMS; AMK 404830]; Mooney Mooney Creek near Gosford, 3.xii.1976, D.K. McAlpine [1♀ USNM; AMK 410638]. QUEENSLAND: 6.7 km West of ‘Jowalbinna’ H.S., 15°45'S, 144°12'E, 11.v.1989, G. & A. Daniels [1♂ AMS; AMK 402265]; Brisbane, 7.ix.1927, J. Mann [1♀ QM; UQIC 220474]; Brisbane, C. Deane [1♀ QM; UQIC 220475]; Brisbane, 10.x.1916, H. Hacker [1♀ QM; UQIC 222111]; Brisbane, C.F. Ashby [2♂ 2♀ ANIC; ANIC 33153]; Bundaberg, viii.1971, H. Frauca [1♂ ANIC; ANIC 33157]; 2 miles North of Bundaberg,, Tea-tree swamp, H. Frauca [1♀ ANIC; ANIC 33159]; 14 km West by North Hope Vale Mission, 4.v.1981, D.H. Colless [1♀ ANIC; ANIC 33160]; 20 miles South of Ingham, 1.ix.1956, C. Deane [2♀ QM; UQIC 220476, 220477]; 3km S Mt Spurgeon, 1100 m., 20-22.xi.1997, C. Burwell, open forest [1♀ QM, UQIC 221457]; 7-14 miles West of Herberton, via Watsonville, 1.v.1967, D.H. Colless [1♀ ANIC; ANIC 33154]; Brisbane, 25.x.1953, F.M. Hull [2♂ CNC]; Flinders Mem. Park, 23.v.1968, J.W. Boyes [1♂ CNC; USNM ENT00249235]; Brisbane, Toowong, 26.v.1968, J.W. Boyes [1♀ CNC]; Bluff Range, near Biggenden, ca. 2750 ft., v.1971, H. Frauca [1♀ ANIC]; Atherton, 3-18.xi.1972, A.M. Hemmingsen [1♂ ZMUC]; Carnarvon Stn, nr Piebald Spring (CN1M1), 821 m.,, C. Zwick & C. Wilson, malaise trap, Eucalyptus  / Callistemon  in rocky gully [1♀ QM; UQIC 222109]; Dunk Island, 25.viii.1927 [2♀ QM; UQIC 222110, 220478]; Great Sandy National Park, Cooloola Section, 1-5.x.1996, Winterton, D.K. Yeates, C. Lambkin, malaise trap [1♀ QM; UQIC 220473]; Mandalay Point, Great Barrier Reef, 13.viii.1986, De Beer [1♂ QM; UQIC 220479]; Mount Glorious, 6.xi.1965, C.F. Ashby [1♂ 1♀ ZFMK, 1♂ ANIC, 1♂ USNM; ANIC 33152, USNMENT 01028878]; Mount Glorious, 8.xi.1965, J.K. Guyomar [2♂ ANIC; ANIC 33156]; Mount Glorious Scrub Creek Road, Brisbane Forest Park, 17-24.x.1997, N. Power, malaise trap [1♂ QM; UQIC 220471]; Mt. Abbott, upper slopes, 700-900 m., 10-12.iv.1997, C. Burwell [2♂ 5♀ QM; UQIC 221451, 221452, 221447, 221448, 221450, 221454, 221456; 2♀ ZFMK; UQIC 221449, 221453]; Mt. Robert, 5km SW, 300 m., 23.x.2000, S. Wright, brigalow [1♀ QM; UQIC 222112]; Petrie Park, Mayborough, 15.xi.1993, G. & A. Daniels [1♀ AMS; AMK 402262]; Samsonvale Cemetary,, S.G. Evans [1♀ QM; UQIC 221462]; Scrub Road, Brisbane Forest Park, 12-19.Ix.1997, S. Winterton, N. Power, D. White, malaise trap [1♀ QM; UQIC 220472]; The Blunder, 20.ix.1969, C.F. Ashby [1♀ ANIC; ANIC 33158]; Toomba, Site 1, 390 m., 14-15.xii.2006, S. Wright, rainforest/paddock edge [1♂ QM; UQIC 222113]; Undara Volcanic National Park, The Bluff, 19.vii.1998, J.& R. Skevington [2♂ QM; UQIC 220459, 220461; 1♂ ZFMK, UQIC 220460]; Undara Volcanic National Park, The Bluff, 770 m.,, J.& R. Skevington, hilltop [6♂ QM; UQIC 220463, 220464, 220465, 220466, 220467, 220468, 220470; 1♂ ZFMK, UQIC 220462]; Hilltop ~21 km South of Coen, 14.137538°S, 143.240945°E, 945 m., 2.xii.2014, J.H., A.M. & A.W. Skevington [26♂ CNC; CNC373686, CNC373687, CNC373688, CNC373689, CNC373690, CNC373691, CNC373692, CNC373693, CNC373694, CNC373695, CNC373696, CNC373697, CNC373698, CNC373699, CNC373700, CNC373701, CNC373702, CNC373703, CNC373704, CNC373705, CNC373706, CNC373707, CNC373708, CNC373709, CNC373710, CNC373711]; Kroombit Tops National Park, hilltop, 24.44818°S, 150.93520°E, 21.xii.2014, J.H., A.M. & A.W. Skevington [4♂ CNC; CNC384420, CNC384422, CNC384423, CNC 384424]; Kroombit Tops National Park, hilltop, 24.448183°S, 150.935200°E, 22.xii.2014, J.H., A.M. & A.W. Skevington [1♂ CNC; CNC384468]; Sheoak Ridge Nature Reserve near Julatten, 16.645258°S, 145.403366°E, 7.xii.2014, J.H., A.M. & A.W. Skevington [3ex CNC; CNC371573, CNC371574, CNC371575]; Sheoak Ridge Nature Reserve near Julatten, Summit of hilltop in dry sclerophyll forest, 16.645258°S, 145.403367°E, 8.xii.2014, J.H. Skevington [34♂ CNC, 4♂ ZFMK, 4♂ USNM; CNC371588, CNC371589, CNC371590, CNC371591, CNC371592, CNC371593, CNC371594, CNC371595, CNC371596, CNC371597, CNC371598, CNC371599, CNC371600, CNC371601, CNC371602, CNC371603, CNC371604, CNC371605, CNC371606, CNC371607, CNC371608, CNC371609, CNC371610, CNC371611, CNC371612, CNC371613, CNC371614, CNC371615, CNC371616, CNC371617, CNC371618, CNC371619, CNC371620, CNC371621, CNC371622, CNC371623, CNC371624, CNC371625, CNC371626, CNC371627, CNC371628, CNC371629]; University of Queensland, St. Lucia, 16.viii.1994, G. Gordh, pupated 17.viii.1994, emerged 22.viii.1994 [1♂ QM; UQIC 220480]; Wilston, Brisbane,, S.G. Evans, pupated 2-3.vii.1998, emerged 10.vii.1998 [2♀ QM; UQIC 221460, 221461]; Wilston, Brisbane,, C.J. Burwell, on Eucalyptus  feeding on lerps [1♀ QM; UQIC 221463]; Eidsvold, xii.1922 [1♂ ANIC; ANIC 33155]; Kuranda, F. P. Dodd [1♂ USNM; USNMENT 01028922]; 52km SWbyS of Mt. Garnet, 700 m., 18.05°S, 144.52°E, 28.v.1977, I.F.B. Common & E.D. Edwards [1♀ USNM; USNMENT 01028948].


Species with metasternum pilose and katepimeron and coxae black. Very similar to Allograpta notiale  sp. n., but Allograpta terraenovae  sp. n. has yellow pilosity on postalar callus and occiput, and male frons is also yellow pilose, with a small medial brown macula dorsad to antennae.


Male. Head. Face yellow, with medial black vitta, shiny, yellow pilose; gena yellow on anterior 1/2, black posteriorly, yellow pilose; lunule yellow laterally, black medially; frontal triangle yellow except narrowly black immediately dorsad to lunule, shiny, yellow pilose; vertical triangle black, shiny, black pilose; occiput mostly black, yellow on ventral 1/9, white pilose on basal 2/3, and yellow pilose on dorsal 1/3; antenna orange, except basoflagellomere brownish black on dorsal 1/3, black pilose; arista brownish orange.

Thorax. Postpronotum yellow, shiny; propleuron black, sparsely silvery-white pollinose, white pilose; scutum black except broad yellow laterally, sparsely black pollinose, yellow pilose; postalar callus yellow, yellow pilose; scutellum yellow, black pilose; plumula orange; calypter light brownish except medial 1/3 of margin and fringe yellow; pleuron black except anepisternum yellow on posterior 2/3, katepisternum yellow on dorsal 1/3, and katatergum yellow on dorsal 4/5, sparsely silvery-white pollinose, white pilose; metasternum pilose. Legs: coxae black, sparsely silvery-white pollinose, white pilose; trochanters brownish black; pro- and mesofemora yellow, white pilose except black pilose on apical 1/3 dorsoposteriorly; metafemur yellow on basal 2/3, black apically, pale pilose basally, black pilose apically; pro- and mesotibiae yellow, yellow pilose; metatibia black, black pilose; tarsi brownish black, black pilose. Wing: hyaline, bare on basal 2/3, microtrichose apically; microtrichose on apical 1/4 of cell r1, apical 1/2 cell r2+3, apical 2/3 of cell r4+5, apical 3/4 of cell dm, apical 1/2 of cell cup, and broadly along posterior margins of alula and anal lobe.

Abdomen. 1st tergum yellow except narrowly black on apical margin, yellow pilose; 2nd tergum black except for large yellow medial fascia, which may be narrowly separated medially, shiny along basal and apical margins, black pollinose bordering yellow fascia, yellow pilose on basal 3/4, black pilose apically; 3rd and 4th terga black except for large arcuate yellow fascia, shiny along basal and apical margins, black pollinose bordering yellow fascia, black pilose; 5th tergum black, except for large triangular yellow maculae, black pilose; sterna yellow, white pilose except 4th sternum black pilose. Male genitalia black, shiny, black pilose.

Female. Similar to male except for normal sexual dimorphism and as follows: frons yellow laterally (about 1/4 of frons width) with a medial, broad, black vitta (about 1/2 of frons width); abdominal fascia narrower than in male, very narrow medially on terga 3 and 4 looking like two joined maculae.


Australia (New South Wales, Queensland); Fig. 18.


The specific epithet is derived from the combination of terra (land, earth) and nova (new), and it refers to Australia. Species epithet to be treated as an adjective.


There is a female with a puparium (AMK 404830) that was collected as a larva preying on Eucalyptolyma maideni  Froggatt, 1901 ( Hemiptera  , Psyllidae  ). Another female (UQIC 221463) was reared from a larva found feeding on lerps ( Hemiptera  , Psyllidae  ) on Eucalyptus  .