Chondrorrhina (Chondrorrhina) trivittata trivittata ( Schaum, 1841 )

Serrano, Artur R. M., Capela, Rúben A., Nunes, Telmo & Santos, Carmen Van-Dú- Nem Neto, 2020, The rose chafers (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Cetoniinae) of Angola: a descriptive checklist with new records and synonymic notes, Zootaxa 4776 (1), pp. 1-130 : 85-87

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Chondrorrhina (Chondrorrhina) trivittata trivittata ( Schaum, 1841 )


* Chondrorrhina (Chondrorrhina) trivittata trivittata ( Schaum, 1841)

( Figs. 18i View FIGURE 18 , 19a, b, c, d, e View FIGURE 19 )

Distribution: ANG, BOW, CON, MAW, MOZ, NAB, RSA, TAN, ZIM.

Distribution in Angola (Provinces): 2) CAB, CNO, CNN, CUS, HUI.

Historic records: none.

New localities reported: Cacula (10 km SW) (coord. not available,? alt., 317) ( HUI), 4-6.XI.2011, 1♂, P. Schüle leg., PMC (P. Malec, personal communication) .

Material examined: Cabinda (coord. not available) ( CAB), 1 ex., Nº 1821 (blue label), nº 129 (white label), Anchieta leg., old collection, box nº VI-75, MZUC; Humbe (16º 41´S, 14º 54´E, 1100 malt., 422) ( CNN), 2 exs, Nº 1895 (blue labels), nºs 128 and 131 (white labels), 2 exs, Nº 2126 (blue labels), Anchieta leg., old collection, box nº VI-75, MZUC GoogleMaps ; Angola, 1 ex., Nº 1907 (blue label), nº 136 (white label), old collection, box nº IX-78, MZUC; Cassoalala (9º 29´S, 14º 22´E, <50 m alt. 109) ( CNN), 15.XII.1973, 1♀, nº 4355, A. Bivar de Sousa leg., ABSC, MUHNAC; Mussende (Calulo) (9º 57´00´´ S, 14º 47´36´´ E, 905 m alt., 128) ( CUS), 28.XI—5.XII.2015, 5♂, 2♀, CT, A. Serrano & R. Capela leg., ASC GoogleMaps .

Remarks. Beinhundner (2017a) treated this species under the genus Chondrorrhina , recognising three subspecies. The species is very polychromatic (see figures in Beinhundner 2017a). The specimens deposited in MZUC of the “old collection” of Angola are polychromatic also ( Figs. 18i View FIGURE 18 , 19a, b View FIGURE 19 ). All specimens fit very well with its description, including the parameres features ( Figs. 19d, e View FIGURE 19 ) (see Holm & Marais 1992; Holm 1994). The adult specimens of Mussende were collected by means of CT in a secondary moist forest. See also the remarks under Chlorocala inermis . The larvae of all instars of this species were described by Donaldson (1987). Biological and ecological data are provided by Holm & Marais (1992). It is a new species record for Angola and the Cabinda, Cunene, Huíla, Kwanza Norte and Kwanza Sul Provinces.


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