LaPolla, J. S. & Sosa-Calvo, J., 2006, Review of the ant genus Rogeria (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in Guyana., Zootaxa 1330, pp. 59-68: 59

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[[ Genus Rogeria   HNS   ]]

The rarely collected myrmicine ant genus Rogeria   HNS   has a disjunct distribution, with 36 species previously known to occur in the New World and 3 species that are known from the Australasian region (Kugler 1994). Rogeria   HNS   ants are cryptic in habit and specimens are primarily collected from leaf litter and rotten wood, usually through Berlese or Winkler sampling. Not much is known about their biology, except that nests have been taken in rotting logs, under rocks, and from the trunks of cacao trees (Kugler 1994).

Despite a recent revision of the genus by Kugler (1994), new species are still being discovered. Recent survey work in Guyana revealed a number of new records of Rogeria   HNS   species for the country, along with the discovery of a new species collected by Neal Weber in 1936. Here we describe this new species and provide a review of the genus in Guyana.