Loboscelidia australis Kimsey,

Kimsey, Lynn S., 2012, Review of the odd chrysidid genus Loboscelidia Westwood, 1874 (Hymenoptera, Chrysididae, Loboscelidiinae), ZooKeys 213, pp. 1-40: 6

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Loboscelidia australis Kimsey


Loboscelidia australis Kimsey  Figure 22

Loboscelidia australis  Kimsey 1988: 69. Holotype male; Australia: NSW (AEI).

Material studied.

Australia: New South Wales, Queensland; two specimens were seen including the holotype.


This is one of three species (including Loboscelidia maculata  and Loboscelidia ora  ), all Australian, that lack notauli (as in Fig. 22). Loboscelidia australis  can be distinguished from these by the submedially curved medial vein, rectangular frontal projection, pronotum with sharp lateral fold or ridge, flagellomere XI less than 3 × as long as broad, and fore and midtibial flanges less than 0.5 × as long as their respective tibial lengths.