Platynota stultana Walsingham

Gilligan, Todd M., Brown, John W. & Hoddle, Mark S., 2011, A new avocado pest in Central America (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) with a key to Lepidoptera larvae threatening avocados in California, Zootaxa 3137, pp. 31-45: 41

publication ID 10.5281/zenodo.204440


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Platynota stultana Walsingham


Platynota stultana Walsingham   ( Tortricidae   : Tortricinae   )

Platynota stultana   , the omnivorous leafroller, was introduced into southern California in the late 1800 ’s (Powell and Opler 2009). It has subsequently expanded its range into northern California, while at the same time expanding its host range onto a variety of non-native plants ( Powell 1983). This species is considered a pest in greenhouses and vineyards, but it also attacks row crops, citrus, and occasionally avocado. Adults are present year round in southern and central California. Larvae feed primarily in shelters constructed of rolled or folded leaves. Economic damage occurs when larvae web leaves to fruit or feed directly on fruit, causing superficial damage and secondary infection by bacteria and fungi.