Rhampholeon (Rhinodigitum) maspictus Branch, Bayliss & Tolley, 2014,

Conradie, Werner, Branch, William R. & Watson, Gillian, 2019, Type specimens in the Port Elizabeth Museum, South Africa, including the historically important Albany Museum collection. Part 2: Reptiles (Squamata), Zootaxa 4576 (1), pp. 1-45: 6

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Rhampholeon (Rhinodigitum) maspictus Branch, Bayliss & Tolley, 2014


Rhampholeon (Rhinodigitum) maspictus Branch, Bayliss & Tolley, 2014 

Zootaxa, 3814(1):17; Figs. 5–6View FIGURE 5View FIGURE 6.

Holotype: PEM R18072View Materials; in the vicinity of the main forest base camp, Mt. Mabu (16°17’10.1”S, 36°24’02.2”E; 967 m a.s.l.), Zambezia Province, Mozambique; W.R. Branch, J. Bayliss and W. Conradie, 27 May 2009.GoogleMaps 

Paratypes (9): PEM R18061View Materials (female allotype), R18059, R18068 –70 and R18073View Materials –76; same collecting details as holotype  .


Port Elizabeth Museum