Loboscelidia kafae, Kimsey, Lynn S., 2012

Kimsey, Lynn S., 2012, Review of the odd chrysidid genus Loboscelidia Westwood, 1874 (Hymenoptera, Chrysididae, Loboscelidiinae), ZooKeys 213, pp. 1-40: 14-16

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scientific name

Loboscelidia kafae

sp. n.

Loboscelidia kafae  ZBK  sp. n. Figures 92940

Type material.

Holotype male: Thailand: Chiang Mai Pr., Doi Phahompok NP, Mae Fang Hot spring, 569m, 19°57.961'N, 99°09.355'E, Malaise trap, 7-14/iv/2008, K. Seesom, T6085 (QSBG).

Paratypes (52 males): 2 males: same data as holotype; 1 male: 14-21/ix.2007, P. Wongchai, T6168; 2 males:, 7-14/viii/2007, P. Wongchai, T6144, 6111; 1 male: Doi Phaluang, 1449 m, 20°1'06N, 99°09.581'E, 21-28/ix/2007, P. Wongchai, T6165; 1 male: 28/iv-7/v/2008, K. Seesom, T6084; 1 male: Doi Chiangdao NP, 19°24.278'N, 98°55.311'E, 491 m, 18-25/ix/2007, Jugsu & Watwanich, T5696; 1 male: Doi Chiangdao NP, 19°24.419'N, 98°55.237'E, 549 m, MT, 21-28/viii/2007, Jugsu & Watwanich, T5676; 1 male: Doi Chiangdao NP, Pha Tang, 19°24.978'N, 98°54.886'E, 526 m, Malaise trap, 4-11/ix/2007, Jugsu & Watwanich, T5682; 1 male: Doi Chiangdao NP, 549 m, 19°42.419'N, 98°55.237'E, Malaise trap, 10-17/xii/2007, Jugsu & Watwanich, T5723; 1 male: Haui Na Lao, 500 m, 19°24.731'N, 98°55.315'E, Malaise trap, 15-21/v/2008, Jugsu & Watwanich, T5817; 1 male: Huai Nam Dang NP, 19°18.803'N, 98°36.396'E, Malaise trap, 21-28/ix/2007, Anuchart & Thawatchai, T5507; 1 male: Thung Buatong viewpoint, 19°17.6'N, 93°36.0'E Malaise trap, Anuchart & Thawatchai, 14-21/viii/2007, T5472; 1 male: Chiang Pr., Huai Nam Dang NP, Thung Buatong, 19°17.056'N, 98°36.029'E, Malaise trap, 21-28/viii/2007, Anuchart & Thawatchai, T5471; 1 male: Doi Chiangdao NP, 19°24.419'N, 98°55.237'E, 549 m, malaise trap, 14-21/viii/2007, Jugsu & Watwanich, T5673; 1 male: Kamphaeng Pr., Phet Mae Wong NP, 306 m, 16°02.233'N, 99°13.096'E, pan trap, 9-10/viii/2007, Srilopien & Phumirate, T3769; 1 male: Lampang Pr., Chae Son NP, 18°49.894'N, 99°28.354'E, 467 m, Malaise trap, 1-7/v/2008, Kwannui & Sukpeng, T5309; 1 male: 21-30/v/2008, T5305; 1 male: Chae Son NP, Doi Laan, 18°51.815'N, 99°22.122'E, 1413 m, Malaise trap, 9-15/v/2008, Kwannui & Sukpeng, T5292; 1 male: Kanchanaburi Pr., Khuean Srinagarinda NP, 14°38.123'N, 98°59.657'E, Malaise trap, Somboon & Daorueng, T3462; 1 male: 7-14/v/2009, T4747; 1 male: 201 m, 23-30/iv/2009, T4744; 1 male: 13-20/xi/2008, Somboon & Daorueng, T4423; 1 male: 6-13/xi/2008, Somboon & Daorueng, T4420; 1 male; 14°38.312'N, 98°59.643'E, 210 m, Malaise trap, Somboon & Daorueng, T3465; 1 male: Huay Mae Kamint, 14°38.441'N, 98°58.889'E, 240 m, Malaise trap, 7-14/v/2009, Somboon & Daorueng, T4740; 1 male: Nakhon Si Thammarat Pr., Namtok Yong NP, 8°10.434'N, 99°44.508'E, Malaise trap, 8-15/vii/2008, 80 m, U. prai, KT3083; .1 male: 8°14.262'N, 99°48.289'E, Malaise trap, 21-28/vii/2008, 966m, Palboon, T3108; 1 male: 8°16.959'N, 99°39.149'E, Malaise trap, 22-29/vii/2008; 1 male: road to Khao Mhen, 150 m from Nern466, 8°16.959'N, 99°39.149'E, 499 m, Malaise trap, 8-15/vi/2008, S. Samnaokan, T3095; 1 male: Chaiyaphum Pr., Tat Tone NP, 16°0.792'N, 101°58.472'E, Malaise trap, 19-26/v/2007, Jaruphan & Budsawong, 648 m, 2575; 2 males: Petchaburi Pr., Kaeng Krachan NP, 12°47.831'N, 99°27.369'E, Malaise trap, 970 m, 8-15/viii/2008, Sirichai & Chusak, T4346; 1 male: 12°47.963'N, 99°27.188'E, Malaise trap, 5-12/ix/2008, Sirichai & Prasit, T4375; 1 male: 12°50.177'N, 99°28.098'E, Malaise trap, 735 m, 18-25/i/2009, Sirichai, T4406; 1 male: 12°48.107'N, 99°26.669'E, Malaise trap, 3-10/iv/2009, Sirichai, T4687; 1 male: 12°49.302'N, 99°22.263'E, Malaise trap, 254/iii-3/iv/2009, Sirichai, T4739; 1 male: 12°50.177'N, 99°20.688'E, Malaise trap, 735 m, 25/v-1/vi/2009, Sirichai, T5259; 2 males: Pa La-U waterfall, 12°32.154'N, 99°28.098'E, Malaise trap, 26/ix-3/x/2008, Akaradate & Thongbai, T4518; 1 male: 12°32.154'N, 99°28.098'E, Malaise trap, 4-11/xii/2008, Thongbai, T4553; 1 male: Pa La-U/Huai Palao Forest Unit 3, 12°32.149'N, 99°28.265'E, Malaise trap, 18-25/i/2009, Thongbai, T4566; 1 male: 12°32.149'N, 99°28.265'E, Malaise trap, 4-11/i/2009, Thongbai, T4562; 2 males: Phetchabun Pr., Nam Nao NP, 16°43.695'N, 101°33.797'E, 921 m, Malaise trap, 5-12/v/2007, L. Janteab, T2657; 2 males: 16°43.687'N, 101°33.797'E, 754 m, Malaise trap, 19-26/v/2007, N. Hongyothi, T2662; 1 male: Mae Hong Son Pr., Namtok Mae Surin NP, 228 m, 19°21.593'N, 97°59.254'E, Malaise trap, 11-18/xi/2007, M. Namadkum, T5930; 1 male: 19°20.616'N, 97°59.003'E, Malaise trap, 11-18/xi/2007, 334 m, A. Kamkhun, T5934; 1 male: Sakon Nakhon Pr., Phu Phan NP, 17°03.488'N, 103°58.497'E, Malaise trap, 8-14/vii/2006, S. Tongboonchai, T199; 1 male: Prachuab Khiri Khan Pr., Khao Sam Roi Yot NP, 12°13.417'N, 99°56.153'E, Malaise trap, 31/viii-7/ix/2008, Sorat, Yai & Amnad, T4078; 1 male: Bar Hua Tan Thaeo, 12°13.059'N, 99°58.384'E, Malaise trap, 2-9/xi/2008, Yai & Amnad, T4128; 1 male: Phitsanulok Pr., Thung Salaeng Luang NP, 16°52.046'N, 100°49.067'E, Malaise trap, 501 m, 16-23/iv/2007, Pongpitak, T5207 (BME, QSBG).

Additional non-type specimens were seen from Laos (Phongsaly Prov., Ban Sano Mai) (22 males, CNC, BME); Vientiane Prov., Ban Van Eue (1 male, BPBM); Malaysia: Malaya, 13 mi e Gombak (1 male, UCR); Sarawak: Gunung Mulu NP (1 male, ROM) and Borneo: West Kalimantan Gunung Palung Nat Pk. (14 males, BME, ROM) E. Kalimantan: Kac. Plujungan, Kayan Metarang Nat. Res. (1 male, ROM); Viet Nam: Tuyen Quang Prov., Na Hang Res. (2 males, CNC); Thailand: Phitsanulok Pr., Thyng Salaeng Luang (1 males, BME, QSBG); Kanchanaburi: Khuean Srinagarinda NP (1 male, QSBG); Suphanburi Pro., Pu Toei NP (1 male, QSBG).


L. kafae is one of the many species that have a submedially curved medial vein. Males have a short flagellomere I (less than twice as long as broad), which is also found in Loboscelidia pasohana  and Loboscelidia laminata  . It can be distinguished from these two species by flagellomere XI 4 × as long as broad (shorter in the other species), the fore and midtibial flanges as broad as the tibiae and the hindtibial flange twice as broad (narrower in various combinations in the other species).

Male description.

Body length 2.0-2.5 mm; forewing length 2.5-3.0 mm. Head (Fig. 9): length 1.9 × height in side view; eye asetose; frontal projection rectangular in front view; frons smooth; vertex without transverse fovea, posterior expansion convex in profile; frons with low ridge extending from vertex along inner eye margin; gena without scale-like setae; scape smooth, length 3 × breadth; flagellomere I length 1.6 × breadth; flagellomere II length 2 × breadth; flagellomere XI length 4.5 × breadth. Mesosoma: pronotal length 0.8 × breadth, with sharp lateral fold; scutum with notauli reaching posterior margin; scutellum with fine dense striae sublaterally; metanotum with medial ridge, densely, finely striate on either side, one-third as long as scutellum; mesopleuron with scrobal sulcus; propodeum without transverse dorsal carina; legs (Fig. 40) smooth, polished; forefemoral flange 0.7 × femur length, flange maximum width 0.9 × width of tubular part of femur; foretibial flange 0.7 × femur length, flange maximum width 1.2 × width of tubular part of tibia; midfemoral flange 0.8 × femur length, flange as wide as tubular part of femur; midtibial flange 0.7 × tibial length, flange as wide as tubular part of tibia; hindfemoral flange 0.9 × femur length, flange maximum width as wide as tubular part of femur; hindtibial flange as long as femur, flange maximum width 2 × width of tubular part of tibia; hindtibia with two longitudinal carinae on posterior margin; hindcoxa without longitudinal carina on inner medial surface; forewing (Fig. 29) R1 length 0.5 × R length; cu-a 0.5 × R length; Rs length 2.6 × R length; Cu+M length 0.5 × A length; medial vein submedially curved. Color: body brown; wing membrane lightly brown-tinted along veins and vein remnants, veins brown.




The species name refers to the coffee brown coloration (Thai for coffee, noun).