Jasmineira sp. 2

Gunton, Laetitia M., Kupriyanova, Elena K., Alvestad, Tom, Avery, Lynda, Blake, James A., Biriukova, Olga, Boeggemann, Markus, Borisova, Polina, Budaeva, Nataliya, Burghardt, Ingo, Capa, Maria, Georgieva, Magdalena N., Glasby, Christopher J., Hsueh, Pan-Wen, Hutchings, Pat, Jimi, Naoto, Kongsrud, Jon A., Langeneck, Joachim, Meissner, Karin, Murray, Anna, Nikolic, Mark, Paxton, Hannelore, Ramos, Dino, Schulze, Anja, Sobczyk, Robert, Watson, Charlotte, Wiklund, Helena, Wilson, Robin S., Zhadan, Anna & Zhang, Jinghuai, 2021, Annelids of the eastern Australian abyss collected by the 2017 RV ' Investigator' voyage, ZooKeys 1020, pp. 1-198: 1

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Jasmineira sp. 2


Jasmineira sp. 2  


Medium to large body size. Branchial crown with 21 pairs of radioles, lobes involute ventrally. Collar without lateral incisions (not four-lobed), dorsally high with pockets and fused to faecal groove, ventrally high with small midventral incision, lappets small. Dorsal lips with long radiolar appendages, length of ~ 2-3 thoracic segments. Glandular girdle present on chaetiger 2. Thoracic superior notochaetae narrowly-hooded, inferior chaetae paleate with long mucro, bayonet chaetae present. Thoracic uncini long-handled, acicular with sub-distal swelling on shaft, companion chaetae absent. Abdominal neurochaetae elongate, narrowly-hooded; uncini avicular with elongate neck, small breast, short-handled.


One large specimen is in three pieces with most radioles split off at abscission zone, but present in sample; another large specimen is too degraded by poor preservation to distinguish anything other than chaetae. These are different to the species found in the 2017 GAB survey (recorded as ' Jasmineira   sp.'; MacIntosh et al. 2018: additional file 2), which has a four-lobed collar.


2 specimens. Suppl. material 1: ops 31, 115 ( AM).