Megalocryptes buteae Takahashi, 1942

Gavrilov-Zimin, Ilya A., 2020, Chromosomal and reproductive features of some Oriental and Australasian scale insects (Homoptera, Coccinea), Comparative Cytogenetics 14 (3), pp. 339-352: 339

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Megalocryptes buteae Takahashi, 1942


Megalocryptes buteae Takahashi, 1942   Figs 3d View Figure 3 , 4 View Figure 4 , 5c View Figure 5


K 1536, Thailand, Pai, on twigs of an undetermined dicotyledonous tree, 13.XI.2019, I.A. Gavrilov-Zimin.

New data.

2n = 18; there is no heterochromatinization in all 72 studied embryos from 3 females, no sperm in spermathecae and no males in the population suggesting thus thelytokous reproduction. Female reproductive system is distinguished by unusually long and thin lateral oviducts (Fig. 4 View Figure 4 ). Cleavage divisions in the egg start just prior to oviposition.


These are the first cytogenetic and reproductive data for the small Oriental genus Megalocryptes   Takahashi, 1942 which comprises two species only.