Homalium sect. Odontolobus Warb.

Applequist, Wendy L., 2016, A reconsideration of the infrageneric classification of Homalium Jacq. (Salicaceae), Candollea 71 (2), pp. 231-256 : 253

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https://doi.org/ 10.15553/c2016v712a9



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Homalium sect. Odontolobus Warb.


6. Homalium sect. Odontolobus Warb.

in Engler & Prantl, Nat. Pflanzenfam. III(6a): 35, 36. 1893.

Typus: Homalium parkeri Baker View in CoL (designated by Sleumer, 1973: 306).

Stipules axillary, free. Inflorescences spicate to racemose (in part panicles with racemoid branches) with most flowers borne in small clusters or glomerules (singly in H. brachystylis ); bracts small, often broad, usually persistent; bracteoles minute to broad and larger than bracts, usually thick-textured, caducous or persistent. Leaves alternate (partly opposite or subopposite), glabrous (occasionally glabrate with few hairs on midrib). Flowers sessile or short-pedicellate, pedicels not articulated; perianth 5-8-merous. Sepals reduced to minute deltoid teeth or small and ligulate to lanceolate-oblong, not at all accrescent; calyx tube short and broadly funnelform (to narrowly in H. lucidum ), in fruit becoming nearly hemispherical; sepal glands rounded (to elliptical), densely pubescent (to sparsely so, usually with age). Petals ovate, sometimes broadly to transversely, or narrowly oblong-lanceolate to oblong-elliptical, sometimes quite small but larger than sepals, spreading, not or very little accrescent; sepals and petals not ciliate, ciliolate, or ciliate with sometimes long, wavy, fine trichomes. Stamens 1 per petal, inserted between glands (filaments usually short); anthers basifixed, broader than long, very small, with subglobose locules diverging at a broad angle, slits of dehiscence short and at or near the apex. Upper surface of ovary broad and nearly flat (to convex) in flower, in fruit becoming convex to hemispherical; styles 2-4(-5), free, usually quite short. Locule of fruit subglobose to obovoid, sparsely pubescent to glabrate; seeds 1 per fruit, subglobose, occupying entire locule (several-seeded, seeds possibly not mature).

Distribution. – Madagascar

Species included. – Homalium brachystylis , H. longistaminum , H. lucidum , H. moniliforme H. Perrier , H. parkeri , H. planiflorum

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