Phytoecia rufipes rufipes (Olivier, 1795),

Karpinski, Lech, Szczepanski, Wojciech T., lewa, Radoslaw, Walczak, Marcin, Hilszczanski, Jacek, Kruszelnicki, Lech, Los, Krzysztof, Jaworski, Tomasz, Marek Bidas, & Tarwacki, Grzegorz, 2018, New data on the distribution, biology and ecology of the longhorn beetles from the area of South and East Kazakhstan (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae), ZooKeys 805, pp. 59-126: 99

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Phytoecia rufipes rufipes (Olivier, 1795)


Phytoecia rufipes rufipes (Olivier, 1795) 

Material examined.

Almaty Region: Kaskeleng [ Каскелен] (43°12'N, 76°38'E), 825 m a.s.l., 13 V 2017, 1♀, leg. TJ, coll. RP.


This taxon is distributed from Southern Europe through North Africa, Asia Minor, the Caucasus and the Near East to Central Asia and South Siberia. The second subspecies - P. rufipes latior  Pic, 1895 - is only known from some regions in Syria and Turkey ( Danilevsky 2018a). Phytoecia rufipes  is an oligophagous species whose larvae develop in the roots of various herbaceous plants, particularly in Foeniculum vulgare  , Ferula galbanifera  and other Apiaceae  . The adults can be found on their host plants from May to July ( Bense 1995).