Yponomeuta oromiensis, Agassiz, 2019

Agassiz, David J. L., 2019, The Yponomeutidae of the Afrotropical region (Lepidoptera: Yponomeutoidea), Zootaxa 4600 (1), pp. 1-69: 27

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Yponomeuta oromiensis

sp. nov.

29. Yponomeuta oromiensis   sp. nov.

Description of adult ( Plate 4). Wingspan 22 mm. Head white, a black spot on crown; labial palpus porrect, segment 3 about equal to segment 2, each black with white scales above and at apex; scape black at base, white distally, flagellum grey weakly annulate paler; Thorax white with three black spots, tegula white, with one black dot anteriorly. Forewing ground colour white with grey suffusion below costa, in basal half of wing, along dorsum wider at tornus, and a blotch in terminal area; five irregular rows of black spots; terminal fringe concolorous with adjacent wing. Hindwing grey.

Male genitalia ( Plate 14 View PLATE 14 ). Uncus almost square, socius squat; left valva very narrow and curved, right valva similar but widened on the inner edge, sacculus almost half length of valva; saccus laterally flattened, wider anteriorly. This asymmetry is unusual but is not simply and artefact or mounting irrecularity. Aedeagus about twice length of valva, slightly curved with one long cornutus, 0.8 x length of aedeagus. Sternum 7 with anterior projection, a pair of very stout cornuti.

Female genitalia: ( Plate 24). Lamella postvaginalis lobes large, separated by a deep cleft. Ostial chamber cylindrical, slightly narrower in middle; ductus bursae as long as abdomen, corpus bursae spherical, partly thickened and sclerotised, signum consisting of a broad spinose patch. DJLA slide 1629.

Diagnosis. Differs from other species in the location of the grey blotches on the forewing, in the male genitalia by the asymmetrical valvae.

Biology. Not known.

Derivation of the name. After the Province where the species was found.

Distribution. Known only from the type locality in Ethiopia.

Type material. Holotype ♂ ETHIOPIA / Oromia |, 07°32’02ʼʼN 36°33’58ʼʼE | 6.5 km NE Shebe | 29.x.2010 2125 m Li | J. De Freina, H. Hacker, H. Peko, H.-P. Schreier. DJLA slide 1605. 2 ♀ paratypes with same data as in holotype. GoogleMaps