Cymbionotum basale,

Ball, George E. & Shpeley, Danny, 2005, Taxonomic review of the Tribe Melaenini (Coleoptera: Carabidae), with observations on morphological, ecological and chorological evolution, Zootaxa 1099 (1), pp. 1-120: 1-120

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.1099.1.1

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Cymbionotum basale


basale  species group

Descriptive notes. Size and ratios of body parts ( Tables 3–9). Size large, SBL ( Table 3) more than 5.0 mm, and EW ( Table 4) more than 1.6 mm. Pronotum relatively narrow, values for PL/PWM ( Table 7) 0.87 or more; base relatively narrow, values for ratio PWB/ PWA ( Table 9) 0.76 or less.

Color. Head and pronotum black; elytra (Figs. 17A–C) bicolored, anteriorly principally bright rufous, but humeral area black to rufous, posteriorly (including posterior margin) black; antennae and mandibles black; palpi and tarsi rufotestaceous; femora and tibiae piceous to rufous.

Microsculpture. Dorsal surface without microlines, smooth, except scutellum with slightly transverse beaded convex sculpticells.

Punctation and vestiture. Dorsal surface with setae moderately long (cf. Fig 2EView FIGURE 2) to long ( Fig. 2FView FIGURE 2; Table 1), punctation moderately dense ( Fig. 3EView FIGURE 3).